Pankoprulu Academy, Year 18

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It stomps in.anger and pain. It maneuvers its injured legs and uses the Shock Ther.apist. the arcing electricity seeks out the clustered targets.
I leap up and attach myself to the beasts under belly with a morph hook. I begin stabbing it repeatedly in the gut with my psi-blade.
The beast's blood drips onto Flint, causing him to slip and plummet to the ground- just in time to be shocked again.
I jerk as the electricity hits me. My armor glows slightly and I feel the cybernetics starting to activate. I leap once more, this time morphing my hand into a flat blade, at the beasts belly. The blade pierces its gut and I morph it into a grappling hook to hold me in place better. I start slashing again using psi-enhancement again as well as hitting it with plague again.
I wasn't aware your HP total hit over 240.
I run out form behind cover, still cloaked mind you, and do multiple Psi Slashes.
Defense matrix was active.
The angry beast uses the Comedy Bomb once more.
Before the poison finished me off I cast psi-storm and plague right over the beast's head until my energy was depleted.

With all that it should be almost dead. I would think anyway. Maybe half way.
I use 3 more Psi Slashes and I was out of energy. I retreat behind a column. The poison was just about to take me out.
If it has 14 movespeed, that thing should be able to chase all of you easily. Judging by its health and weapons, it's a very big, fast sturdy machine. Not often do you have fast and big together.
Not a mech. Giant sentient spider type of thing.

Maelstrom for Marduk, Hallucination for Syldra
I realize it took on the form of a spider but its abilities and attacks suggests that it is mechanical in nature.
I had asked Drac if it was a mech he replied no. Its back on page 23 or 24 I believe.
Ah, I see see the post now. Never mind me continue.
No problem Flint is down and Zaros is almost done. Cayl is the last one left.
You know.. Akia could just use Lifebreak, and instantly drag it down to 70 HP...
Fantasy, they are in the simulation and no one else can get in, so even if it was possible for Akia to do that, she really can't at the moment because she isn't in there. Just bringing something up so no one gets confused.

And I lied, this is now my last post for the night.
"I don't think it should effect uber/massive units...."

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