Pankoprulu Academy, Year 18

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"Interesting use of the rifts Shade, and thanks for that. I'm fairly useless without my psionics."
Kentel, the Lurker-legged, green tux wearing, Stalin-faced, bulked up janitor/chef/masseuse/referee saw the new arrival. "Hi." His voice strains under his Russian accent, that he picked up from.who knows where.
No problem Calek.
Karma turned her attention to the voice, then fought the urge to gape at him. Was everyone in this place this odd...? At least she couldn't hardly know the half of it...her eyesight being terrible as it was, she couldn't very well make out the man had Lurker-like legs...though she could see that the guy seemed considerably bigger than her...

With an uneasy face, she made an awkward little wave, saying "Hiya...."
He frowns. "Too skinny. Come with me." He clicks down the hall, waving impatiently for her to follow.
"Erm..." She said, a bit nervous to move from her spot. Though a moment later, she regained some confidence, and started to follow him, taking note of the clicking noise he made when he walked.

Just...plain...odd... she thought to herself, focusing on her walking rather than anything else.
I leap into the now unoccupied bunker, crouching low and drawing my katanas again, waiting for a lull in the fire to make the leap. It came sooner then I'd expected. Leaping in, i cut down two marines and land on a third, killing him while I block a fourths bayonet. Cutting him open from groin to throat, I face the last two, who try to run. Pulling out my VMN, I kill them too. {Alright, we have four more bunkers, then we're clear. Who else is clearing them out?}
Cayl could hear more screaming as I did a couple more radiation drops. {What was that?}

Raven then jumped into another and had four arrows drawn back, they all hit their targets.
Isaac loses his patience and kamikaze-charges into the Bunker line, toasting Marines with Perdition flames and those of his Preigniters, and his Railgun on his back isn't too shabby, either. Dani smiles and watches.

Kentel leads her to the cafeteria, for a small Halloween themed setup. Candy dishes and all. "This my holiday." He grabs a Turkey leg and tosses it at Karma, still hot. "Eat."
"I think that's all of them. We should probably wait for the others before advancing any farther; they have some heavier defenses down there."
I duck as a round from his railgun flies through where my head just was. {Hey, watch it!} I climb out and look at the two large groups of banshees. "Man, what I wouldn't give for HunterSlayer right about now..."
OOC: Wait, Mockingjay joined this? O.o

IC: Upon warping into the battle, I fly directly up into the air, positioning myself in front of the local sun. I fire down at the Commune Banshee squadron with my ion beam, blowing out the rotor of one, and Destabilizing a second. I fire at the starboard missile launcher of the Destabilized Banshee, the heat from the beam causing the missiles within to explode. The Banshee goes off in a huge explosion, giving off a deafening thunderclap and destroying several others nearby.
(Yes, yes I did, :) )

Karma nearly drops the thing as it is tossed to her, catching it only after just realizing it was a turky leg. With a hungry grin, she starts gobbling it down, looking at Kentel gratefully.

"Danke...I haven't eaten in forever!" She says in between bites.

Soooo much better than ration packs... she thought as she finished the thing.
I use the rangefinder function in my helmet and look past the banshees and recognize one of the Commune units, the Pest. {Ummmmmm....Anyone any good with killing Commune Pests? Not too sure I'm gonna mess with them.}
"Damn. I have no energy left to kill them, and my only weapon would be my Subterranean Spines, which they can detect me using."
Thanks to the Pests, 20 range Marines! XD

Kentel smiles. "Better?" He goes into the back to do more cooking.

Isaac goes nuts, destroying the Bunkers for no reason. Dani calmly strides forward.
Karma decides to seat herself beside a candydish, and starts snacking on the treats in it. She returns a grin to Kentel, saying "Very much so."

She then starts looking around the cafeteria, thinking about what she ought to do...
I psionically call to Cayl. "I'll get them. They can't even shoot back."

I fly above the Banshees, blowing up two more as I pass over. Spotting the two Pests at the back of the enemy formation, I go into a hover, stabilizing myself before firing. The beam impales the first Pest through its torso, causing it to fall over, its electronics a pile of melted slag. I fire again at the second Pest, but miss its center because of the range. The beam hits the Pest's foot, tipping it over. I fire again, this time vaporizing its head.

I hear a rush of wind as another railgun round passes my head a couple feet away. "Frak, dude! Watch what you're doing!" I then decide to do another crazy move. {Calek, I'm stealing a banshee." I initiate the jump sequence for the jet pack and fly up, landing on the cockpit for a banshee. "Mind if I borrow this?" I hack the system with my nanites and pop the cockpit, throwing the pilot out, then climbing in and closing the cockpit. {Got one. Where's it needed?}
Not being angry whatsoever, but damn, you.should teach a class of avoiding masses of enemies.

Kentel smiles, and pops candy corn in his mouth.

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