Pankoprulu Academy, Year 18

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One of the pests Fired several rounds out of their dual machineguns towards Raven, Akia leapt forward, and deflected the rounds with her shield. Vanishing and reappearing next to the pest, Akia stabbed upwards, and slammed the tip of her rapier into one of the folds in the armor. "I'll protect you, just keep firing!"
Raven strung two arrows onto the bow and covered the tips in his own acid. He wiped his mouth and let go. The arrow touched the armors of the one pest while the acid at it away, allowing it to penetrate farther. "Will do, and I really apologize on how I was acting earlier, you know the chain and whatnot."

I dropped out of the rift and landed knife first onto a marine.
Akia responded "Its fine"
And blocked another hail of bullets
A marine started to shoot at me with his rifle, a tendril came up out of nowhere and blocked it. Three more were created and they each grabbed a limb, they all tugged at once, tearing his limbs off. "What punks." I then cloaked.

My Vision started to focus on a target, I pulled on the drawstring and this time I just had one arrow, it was pointed at the persons heart. I let go, the arrow went flying, almost faster than a bullet and it went straight through the heart. "Sweet."
The arm of the pest shifted, the arrow deflected off of the armor covering it. The arrow flew at an Angle, and slammed into Akia's back, piercing into one of her lungs.
Still bleeding and wheezing from the wound, Teleporting instantly, She raised her shield and deflected another series of bullets headed for the cloaked Shade, and Raven.
You lost your shield...( Laughes)
And you are surrounded!
Like a Hydralisk firing a spine, Raven fired a glob of acid at the Pest, it was melting the armor. A dark cloud covered Akia and he ran to her. "I am so sorry." Raven picked her up. "God damn it!"

Psi Whisper was activated, several tendrils came up and they were giving off a ultrasonic pitch. The soldiers were clutching their heads.
I strafe one of the Pests, blowing it apart in a few missiles. {That's one down, now someone get the d@mned tower!} I barrel roll to the side as the other Pest fires at me. {And do it quick, this things almost out of fuel.}
I can't decide if she has a short attention span, or is smart enough to break the psionic suggestion.
Maybe it is something else.

Nothing for it but to continue calling.

A few of the soldier actual raised their guns to their heads and pulled the trigger, the ones that did it fell to the ground. {Cayl, this is Shade. Akia is wounded and I don't have enough energy to create another rift to get us out.} I pulled out my rifle and started to run n' gun.

Raven ran with Akia in his arms, he then got behind a rock and pulled out his rifle. "Damn, I am really sorry about the arrow. Misjudged the how well the acid did on the arrow and I was seeing what worked better."
Jess, bored, walks with Umbra to the roof. "Maybe we got off on the wrong foot. I'm Shadow's oldest friend, you're his sister . . . we just saw one another as a threat." Umbra nods. "Well, you know I know how you feel about my brother. I'm not surprised." Jess's eyes go wide. "What?" Umbra laughs. "I can circumvent that mental protection of yours without even trying- I am the stronger twin." Jess goes into denial-mode. "I didn't-" "Don't get defensive. Just know you've got no chance. He doesn't remember, and he never will." "How do you know?" "Can't have him gone now, can I?" "You little b*tch." "What?"
I roll again, firing off a couple missiles in retaliation. {I can't do much myself, bust with that d@mned pest. Find cover and hold position.}
I jumped behind cover near Akia and Raven. {We can't last forever, just try to get them over here while we hold them off, COPY!} I fired off a few pot shots and so did Raven.

Me bored, so me playing this.
After tromping down the halls a little more, she begins to get bored of this excessive scavenger hunt of hers. What the hell was she looking for anyway...? She just kept going with her instinct though, and soon she rounded a corner and stopped square in front of a door.

She stood there for a time furrowing her eyebrows.

"Is this it...?" She thought aloud, still unsure of why she brought herself here in the first place.

Curiosity got the better of her out of anything though, and she opened the door to find a dark room. With a quick step through the door, the thing slammed shut behind her, leaving her startled.

Though, even with her terrible eyes in the dark, she could distinctly make out a soft glow emitting from an object on a shelf.

"The hell...?" She said, and cautiously approached the object.
Firing off a volley of of missiles, I destroy the other Pest. Good thing too, I was out of fuel. As the banshee starts to fall, I angle it towards the tower and eject, activating my jetpack just long enough to land safely on the ground. I then fire my VMN at the few marines left as I ran at them with one katana drawn, who were so focused on the three students behind cover that most of them fell to my gun. I then lay into the others with the one katana, drawing my other one mid swing after holstering the VMN. {Need some help here.}
Raven and I stood up from behind cover and was giving off suppressive fire. {Cayl, this is the best we can do. Raven here is out of arrows and we only have a couple of clips left.}
{Close to melee then. I can't cut all of them down with the katanas alone and I don't have the time to draw my halberd.} I block another combat knive, running the marine through the gut with the other sword. Kicking him back, I see the banshee about to hit the tower. {Find cover!} I sprint towards where Shade and Raven are, leaping behind it and ducking as it crashes into the tower. There's an explosion, and as I look up, the tower is gone. "Did we win?"
Yes. Now all she needs to do is pick me up.

I hope she is curious, or all that energy spent will have gone to waste.
A blue light engulfs the group, and they find themselves back in their own bodies.
This fight took five pages! Whee! (Cookie and complement to whoever gets the reference)
Karma quietly looks at the crystal-looking object for a time, her curiosity getting the better of her again. She gingerly takes the small crystal cautiously in her hands, afraid she might break it.
Raven was glad to be done and he slumped down into a chair.

I was feeling drained of energy. "Great, now I have to eat some of that Earth food. I hope you actually have something good in that section today." I slumped down as well.

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