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Idea is simple. You are someone in the Starcraft universe. Tell your story. I'll start.

Those Forgotten; The Tale of Coj'et

It was a thick and rainy night on the moon of Daaken. . . The warp gates shimmered to our backs, the civilians being transported to another. . . safer location. . . another planet. But I was not joining these civilians. I was stationed with my battle group. . . we were to hold this base long as we could so the others could escape. The probes had already left on shuttles, and our supplies were low. . . For a week we held, and at this point we were running out of power on our weapons. . .

And then it began. The watch tower forward group spotted and relayed to us. They were coming. From what they could tell, thousands, tens of thousands of all known zerg species, and many we didn't know. We would fall, but we would hold. The last of the survivors were passing through the warp gates, and after the last one passed through, they would shut down, and we would be forgotten. Me and my brethren's psi blades sizzled in the rain. . .
And it began. They poured in, thousands, at first we held, but then. . . Then they came, they turned my own brothers against me, impaling them, while poison acid rained from the sky as the giant bloated worms flew over us.

But the Warp Gates closed and we had succeded. . . I felt honor in myself. I was a hero, so were my brethren. . . And then I fell. . .

I wake up slowly, and wince my eyes. . .
I'm alone, dead zerg surround me. . .
"What happened. . ."
I limp up, my leg is bleeding, and my blades are out of energy. So I walk, and I walk. . . The sun comes out, the rain coming to a fleeting stop. I find a cave and decide to sit down. . .
I make a fire and wrap my selves in some large leaves of the palm trees. Night passes, and I dream. I dream of my brothers. Why did they save me. Am I alone? I dream. . . And if I could, I cry.

Morning comes slowly and I hear a slight hovering. I rush out of the cave and see a Terran dropship. It lands and some of those mechanized suits drop out of it. I hide in the bushes and watch.

They set up some tents and a small sensor tower, along with a camp fire. The dropship lands and it drops a dozen or so marines out, some of those white suited ones, and those fancy ones with the long barreled rifles. I contemplate what to do from inside the bush.
Would they aid me, could I trust them, will they k-
And I hear a clicking noise.
I slowly turn my head to see one of the blue power armored ones aiming a large rifle at my head.
"Blue scaled freak. Get up." He growls at me and hits my head with the edge of his rifle.
I get up slowly and he drags me to the camp. I consider trying to break free, but then realize it would be pointless. He throws me in front of the one with the long barreled rifle, and she's a woman. . .
"Well, look what we have here. . ." She chuckles and the other marines do as well.
"Kill me now, do not mock me. . . Human." I say in a scratchy voice.
"Kill you?" She laughs and slams the butt of her rifle into my face, and I fall unconcious.

I wake up later on in what appears to be one of the human troop training facilities.
I'm wearing handcuffs and there is a guard stationed in front of the bed I was laying on.
I lean up and he says;
"Come on. . ."

So I do, and he walks me outside, and I see a gigantic Terran base. What used to be tents is now command centers and training facilities and labs. How long was I unconcious.
The big guard at this point has taken me to some form of front line facility. From what I can tell it's some form of Bunkered down position. There I'm greeted by a tall solider in red armor.
"What is a blue skin like you doing here?" He asks as the guard walks away.
"This. . . *I cough* is my planet. . ." I kick the dust.
"That would explain the ruins." He chuckles slightly. "What happened though?"
"Why should I tel- *I cough* you. . ."
"Because I'm the one keeping them from cutting you up in a lab." His tone changes into a less blank tone.
"The zerg overrun us. . ."
"Zerg? There ain't no zerg within a sector of this old mo-" Just as he says this, a gigantic worm bursts up from the ground devouring the bunker behind him. He screams as his soliders are pulled under.

Zerglings burst out of the ground under us and all around the base. The soliders run to their posts but are quickly overrun, tons of the little zerglings swarming us. Meanwhile the Red armored solider and I stand in shock as zerglings and banelings slowly swarm us.

I close my eyes and await the inevitable.
"Entaro Adun, Tassadar. My life for Auir."

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