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"It's fine. I've used Zaros in several RPs."
09/11/2012 03:24 PMPosted by LGelPanadero
Do you mind if I use the same character I created in Ghost Ship? Or is that frowned upon in the RP society?

It simply depends on the roleplay. Ultimately its up to you though.
I decided to make him a bit older for this.
Name: Thad Baker
Age: 31
Race: Terran
Class: Security Specialist
Primary Weapon: High caliber revolver
Secondary: Grenades
Backstory: Was born into a violent religious cult, and escaped at the age of 25. He doesn't talk much, especially when it comes to his past.
Defining characteristics: Tall and lanky. He is a very accurate thrower (one of the several skills he learned in his cult), hence the grenades as a secondary. Also a decent hand-to-hand fighter.
Appearance: Roughly 6'4, his black hair has started graying early before it should. Has tattoo of a trident in a circle on his tricep, and he won't tell anyone how exactly he got it.
I like it Panadero!

as long as there are no objections I will start the roleplay sometime tonight.
Thanks! I have soccer practice tonight, so you can write my character's actions until I get home. He doesn't talk much, so it should be easy.
Will do, commander!
Name: Jackson Matar (Call-sign "Ghost Walker")
Age: 35
Race: Terran
Class: Orion (Psionic with a powerful sniper and a SMG)
Primary Weapon: XM-12 Heavy Rail-rifle (Ammo can be swapped)
Secondary Weapon: G1-SMG
Backstory: After the fall of the UED, Jackson broke off and followed the Remnant, led by Nina, for a while. He left for reasons of his own, and started looking for mercenary work. Joined up with Markus and the Dishonored, finding work with them.
Defining Characteristics: Loyal, but to a point. Has a scar running from his eyebrow to his lip. Has a name printed on his right forearm.
Appearance: Similiar in appearance to a War Pig, with smaller shoulders, with face glass that shifts colors. Moderate build, 6' in height. Bald, has hazel eyes. Has a name printed on his right forearm.
Coolio Jester, stay active for this on, eh?
I think we're ready to roll.
>.< Not my fault. My internet sucks **** so I ended up forgetting about it.
I would have to agree, Zarkun! Just let me write up the beginning.
Write faster man!
Sorry, I got interrupted :P Just now continuing.

Decided to just throw it out and write something a leeetle bit shorter XD
It was quiet aboard "The Ignominy." The ship the crew of The Dishonored flew in. All the crew were in their quarters. Markus sat in the bridge and ordered the warp jump to the rendezvous point. When they arrived at the rendezvous point, there was a space station on an astroid. Markus pressed a few buttons and spoke over the intercom.

{Alrighty boys, grab your weapons of choice from the armory and meet me in the shuttle hanger.}
Fenris goes and grabs his Fear guns. His Fear Fangs were always attached to his wrist.
Leaving my room, I grab my long sword and head to the hangar. I really hoped that this mission might be worthy of my skills for a change.
Jackson stops doing pull-ups, and listens. He suits up, grabs his weapons, and heads down to the shuttle bay.
@Zarkun: A pilot of some sort nods at you as you walk by him.

@SF: You meet with other crew members who are also gearing up.
Fenris follows behind the others. A few of them felt a little nervous around him, mainly because of how his eyes made him look like a murderer. Which he was.
I return the nod, and keep walking. Reaching it, I wave at Markus. "So is this one worth our time, Markus?"

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