The Dishonored (Umoja's Plains Sequal)

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Graal started to whisper a few things to himself, energy from the gun was engulfing his body and any wounds on him were healed. He then stood up and picked up Linnzie and put her in his arms, clutching her tightly and never letting go.

I was looking at the two of them, and I was sorry but couldn't show it and I just decided it would be better to just lay down.
OOC: Why would you give him back the revolver!?!
If you were following DH, you'd know. Not to mention he's currently out gunned in my ship.
I know about the connections with the weapons, and I also know he could probably escape if really wanted to. I dont really care though, its all part of the RP :)
"Someone told me Markus wanted me to." A Fear SMG was in my hand.
I land on the Ignominy and open the back. "Alright, we're here. If Yuun is smart, he'll let things lie."
You are greeted by a sergeant and ten guards. They slowly aim their weapons at Graal when they realize he is armed.

"Mr. Devroy said there would be two prisoners, you have brought me three."

The men slowly approach graal with weapons still leveled. They bind Graal and his lover and Valens.
I push the guards away. "They aren't prisoners. As protocol, they're under protection as the employer broke the agreement and attempted to kill us and them. Take off the binders."
"Mr. Devroy has commanded they be put into the holding cell. Protocol requires us to keep the binders on until they are secure in their cell."

The guards drag the prisoners off.

"Who is the girl?"
I almost draw a throwing knife, then hesitate. "Well, hate to do it, but I'm overriding Mark with protocol 35 section 3 subsection A. Remove the binders and take them to the safe room. Otherwise I do it myself and I really don't wanna explain why I had to kill my own men."
The sergeant hesitated, "Is that a threat?"

After a moment of consideration he orders the men to take them to the safe room.

"Okay, you win. I will take them to the safe room. But I am not taking off the binders, and neither are you. Threatening your own team is just plain stupid. Taking off the psionic binds is even more stupid."
I sigh. "Ya'll are stupider then you look. First off, I'm here for Mark. Only a choice few do I actually consider a friend. And you," I jab the sergeant in the chest, "aren't one of them. And Graal isn't a powerful enough psionic to put those binds on."
"How do you know?" The sergeant challenges. "It couldn't hurt to keep them on. I am already disobeying direct orders to take these prisoners to the safe room instead of the prison."
"I know cause I have friends from his...organization who know him. He can barely lift a small rock. You're also disobeying protocol, which supersedes orders."
Tracer pushed past the guards. "Torvus, it doesn't matter what his capabilities are, he's psionic, therefore the binders stay on until he's in the room."

He wasn't going to say anything, but that pair made him uncomfortable. There was no way Graal should have been able to walk after getting kneecapped by a sniper round, and yet both legs now appeared to be fine. Then again, it wasn't like the woman was normal to begin with.

Moving back to the armory, he swapped out the C-10 for his preferred BOSUN. His scowl grew slightly softer as he held the gun, then returned to its customary hardness. Slipping his normal guns over his shoulders, he returned to the hanger.
Graal spoke up. "You can keep the binders on me if you want...hell I don't care if you have me locked up. Just don't do anything to her..." He was talking about Linnzie and it was made clear.

I started to limp a bit, my muscles hurt from where they were ripped apart. "I'm going to my quarters and don't tell anyone that you saw who I was..." And with that I started to limp to my own room.
Tracer saw Echo approaching as he moved into the hanger. "You had better be on your way to the infirmary. The last thing we need is you bleeding out before the job is done. Matter of fact, I'll take you there myself." He folded his arms across his chest, his scowl suggesting that she would not change his mind.
I turned around and sighed. "Fine...but tell no one ok? It's truly is better if no one seen my face...rather be safe than sorry." With pity I decided to go with Tracer to the infirmary...I didn't know if I could trust him or not. But time will tell.
Tracer grunted. "Can't imagine why you're worried about that. Here." He pulled off his hoodie and handed it to her. "Hood up and head down if it's that big a deal."

Several minutes passed in silence as the pair made their way through the corridors to the infirmary, and by the time they made it Tracer was nearly carrying her, she was so weak from the blood loss. As he laid her on a bed he suddenly flinched and drew back.

"Damn, not again."
Several medical officers enter the room where Tracer and Echo are. They start silently preparing to treat her.

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