The Dishonored (Umoja's Plains Sequal)

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"Honestly speaking, probably not." Markus says with a hint of disappointment.
I woke up from slumber, I managed to talk him into allowing me to get my own bunk and room. I grabbed my mask and put it on, I grabbed the rest of my gear and headed towards the others. I was quiet.
My Fangs pop out and along the way I stab them into the walls and drag them, cutting it the entire way.
Jackson walks into the hanger, and begins assisting in loading the transport.
"Ready to work, sir." He says to Markus.
I just decided to follow one of the others, they couldn't see into my face and that was the good thing.

Last post for the night.
I sigh. "Yet another high paying waste of time."
I lied, this is going to be my last post.

IC: I gave Torvus the signal that I agreed with him.
Thad walks to the Docking bay

"Hey! Fear! Thats coming out of your paycheck!" Markus turned back to Torvus, "As long as its High-paying I dont care. Like my father used to say..." He stopped there. His eyes portrayed his dark thoughts of anger and sadness.
Fenris pulls back his fangs and walks all the way there. "I require something to keep me occupied." He says, in his deep, threatening voice. This was the main thing to put people on edge.
"Well, try bubblegum, pal." Markus then starts talking to the group. "Everyone just stay quiet and follow me. Remember our signals. We need to look as tough as possible, but not so tough they dont want to hire us. Ya'll understand?" After nobody answered he resumed his speech. "Good, lets go boys, its show time."

Markus entered the shuttle and strapped in.

Thad enters the shuttle and straps in.
I slap Fenris upside the head. "You know you don't scare either of us. And stop messing up the ship, that affects my paycheck too."
Fenris jumps in. Uncaring. "When am I not intimidating?" Fenris asks. A few of the men are slightly disturbed by it. He doesn't care. And they are happy he doesn't speak often.
Jackson walks into the shuttle, carrying the last crate. He puts it down in the cargo, and straps in.
"One of these days..." I mutter then I return to helping Markus. "Why'd we take him on again?"
"He does his job of intimidating people. Sometimes he just doesnt know when to stop. thats all."

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A few of the men shiver as they hear his voice

yeeaah... no
After all of the strike team are strapped in the shuttle doors close and the area is cleared. The hanger bay doors open and the shuttle flies out of the "The Ignominy."
The Ignominy
As we descend, I slide my hidden blades in and out. "Why do we keep taking these jobs..."
Fenris walks to the back and cloaks. He prepares to jump out. His Fear SMGs at the ready.
"Because money isn't a bad thing. and we need to make ourselves known." Markus raises his voice and looks at Fenris. "Sit down! What, were you going to jump into space!?"
I casually inspect each of my fellow members' weapons, noting that they all look like they had handled them before and wouldn't hesitate to handle them again.
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