The Dishonored (Umoja's Plains Sequal)

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"I'm waiting." Fenris states.
I casually inspect each of my fellow members' weapons, noting that they all look like they had handled them before and wouldn't hesitate to handle them again.
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IC: "Well, you can wait in your seatbelt." Markus shakes his head and pulls out his rifle. He inspected it for any dust.
Fenris decloaks and sits down in the front to look out the front and to know when to head for the door.
I shift seating positions after a grenade in my backpack starts digging me in the back. I start mentally making a list of people I like, and after scoffing at its length, I remember that beggars can't be choosers.
I stopped playing with my hidden blades and started sharpening my long sword. Soon it would only get sharper from use. "Any thing we should know about this place?"
Fenris sizes up his allies. Seeing how hard it'd be to assassinate them or kill them in a normal fight if the need arises. Then he made a list in his head of how many he likes. He got a list of 2 long. Torvus and Markus. He then made a list of those he disliked. Everyone who were disturbed or a little bit fearful of Fenris's voice and presence.
"Remember Fenris, if you screw this up like the last job I will fire you." Markus had a tone in his voice as if to say I have no patience
"Nope, nothing you need to know." Markus reported, "I will only tell you guys what you need to know for your own safety."

We finally arrive in the ship and the shuttle door opens.
"I'll be on standby, sir." Said the pilot. Markus nodded and walked out the door. He was greeted by a man named sergeant Tobin.

"Right this way Mr. Devroy." Markus turned around and told Tracer to stay by the shuttle and report to him immediately if anything went wrong or askew

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While I usually prefer to bring up the rear, several of the others take too long to my liking, and I walk off the ship.
"Want me to come Markus?"
"Yes, I always want you with me. There is nothing like a good bladesman watching your back."

"Walk in formation. Everyone come with me except for Tracer"
Fenris jumps out. Fenris keeps his Fear SMGs at his side. "I was nicknamed Fear by quite a few. Use it." Fenris says. He moves quietly behind the man who just went out. The man was a little too quiet. And the man didn't seem very trust worthy.
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He was a little too quiet. He didn't seem very trust worthy.
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OOC: I believe he is talking about Mr. Baker.
I smirk. "Of course." I take up a position slightly behind Markus, resting my hand on the long sword, glaring down the guards who attempted to flank us.
The group, lead by Tobin, starts walking through hallways and doors until they reach one large door that obviously leads to the briefing room.
"There are only two chairs left." Tobin divulged.
"My men can stand."
"No." Tobin Objected. Markus paused examining the man.
"Fine." Markus waved his fingers giving the signal 'All Stay' He then beckoned Torvus with his head.

The door opened revealing three men sitting at a desk and two chairs in front.
I notice the as the guards move in a circle around us, but I ignore it. It is just another example of force.
Fenris twists his neck around and his Fear Fangs come out. He puts his SMGs at his side. He was ready to cloak at half a moments whim.
I'm glad that he didn't pick me, but I don't let it show. I don't believe there is much that words can do that a well placed grenade can't.
Markus and Torvus were walking through the door when Markus turned around and said, "Fenris..." He made eye contact and then knew that would be enough to convey the message of Dont screw this up.

The door closed, leaving The Dishonored a room away from their leader. (and Torvus) More troops equiped with pulse rifles encircled The Dishonored. Tobin continued walking and the soldiers followed. It was clear you(pl.) are supposed to go with them.

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