The Dishonored (Umoja's Plains Sequal)

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I laugh even harder at that. "Are you kidding me. I hacked the data files of everyone on that ship. If they knew anything, they would have come forward to help lay low."
"They know something! I dont know what, but you are going to find out! 50,000 credits for each target you capture. I have changed my mind, If they know something bring them to me."

Markus stood up and stuck out his hand. "Its a deal! We will mobilize immediately." Markus looked at Torvus to find a reaction.
I shake my head. "Mark, remember the last personal vendetta job?"
"No I don't, as a matter of fact. Care to freshen my memory?"

EDIT: I dont even think I constructed a complete sentence. -_- I swear my grammar is going backwards.
"That's where we lost Robin, remember? And Jon."
Markus thought for a second while shaking Yuuns hand. "Well... that was... different. That was a strange issue. Plus, thats when we were acting more like bounty hunters. Trust me, this one wont go like that."

"Very well. I will forward all the data about each target to your most highly encrypted computer."

Markus headed for the door.
I shake my head, then look at Yuun. "I loose so much as one man to this job, and everyone of you in this room is a dead man. Especially you, Yuun." I follow Markus, stopping him when the door closes. "Markus, the last one was supposed to be a bounty hunter job too, and look what happened. I'm telling you, this is a bad idea."
"50,000 just to capture a few survivors. Its no biggie. I wouldn't threaten these people by the way. They seem to know their way around the galaxy. Did you see how much they knew about their targets?"
"I knew just as much. Mark, it's a bad idea. I can feel it. I can't stand the thought of losing anyone. Please, just, think about it before we go."
Mark stopped and thought. "Okay... I will sleep on it." Mark grinned, "But there are a few people I wouldn't mind being "left behind"

The door opened and they left the room walking side by side.
I chuckle despite myself. "We say that now, but it's always the same thing when it happens. 'That wasn't supposed to happen.'" I chuckle again. "If we follow through, tell me we have more of a game plan this time."
Jackson paces around impatiently.
"Mr. Matar, your heart rate is rising. Is there anything I can-" He grunts, cutting his A.I. off.
"I am fine. Just tired of waiting." He replies, then psionic speaks to his leader and the second in command.
Everything alright, sir?
Mark chuckled. They reached the room where the rest of his men were being held. The door opened and Markus whistled loudly. "Lets go boys! Back to the shuttle!"
I follow Mark back to the shuttle. "So who gets to tell them it another vendetta."
"You dont have to say it that way." Mark said in a light tone. "Think of it as... just another kidnapping job." The group entered the shuttle again.
I take my seat near Mark and mutter, "Yeah, those usually end better though." I return to sharpening my sword's edge.
Mark smiled and shook his head slightly. "You see the worse case scenario in everything." Everyone Markus strapped in and the shuttle took off back for Markus' ship.
"No, I'm just realistic."
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Not a problem. I pulled most of it out of my butt though lol

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