The Dishonored (Umoja's Plains Sequal)

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I was in the corner of the ship with the SMG out, it was good that they didn't know who I as. But this was no smart of them to take on this kind of job, not again.
I retake my seat on the shuttle, and happen to notice that a certain fencer is sharpening his sword a slight bit harder than he was before we got off. This body language alone tells me that we took the job, but Mr. Jentus didn't like it.
Jackson messes with a butterfly knife he has on him, spinning it around his fingers. He asks Markus: "So? What's the job, sir?"
Fenris kept quiet. But he felt something wrong with the mission.
Tracer grunted as the others returned to the shuttle. "You are a fool, Markus."

His face was fixed in a permanent scowl, but this time it was more pronounced than usual. "If you believe that this job will go different, then you mislead me as to your intelligence."
Fenris steps back into the shuttle and cracks his neck again before asking, "What is the mission?"
"It's another f*cking bounty hunting assignment."
Tracer's scowl grew even more pronounced. "Thought so. Markus does not act so optimistic on any other kind of job."

He unslung his FN92 and began stripping it down for cleaning. "Dead or alive?"
"I managed to convince them alive, but we're going after the survivors of Umoja's Plains. I doubt we won't have... casualties. First on the list was Joranis."
Tracer turned his dark gaze onto Torvus. "Alive? What game are you playing?"
"I was actually trying to get Mark to not take the job, but then they offered 50k for each one brought back alive. You know how he is with money." I finish sharpening the edge and sheath the blade, pulling out one of my throwing knives and playing with it.
"Hmph." Tracer returned his attention to his gun. "I assume that you know these marks?"
"I know of them. Various news reports were flying across the Sector about it. I was in a bar when it happened. Each of the targets is...lethal, in their own right. And some of them are men accused of something they didn't do. Graal, he's like us, a merc. He just happened to be in a wrong place at the wrong time. Or the wrong job if his file is anything to go off." I flip the knife into the air, balancing it on my finger tip. "This whole thing is just...stupid. I really do know what Mark is doing."
"Money is money!" Markus shouted, "I was a fool then, but now we have more members of the crew."

Markus raised his voice. It was obvious something else triggered this explosion of anger. "We have enough men to pull this off without any trouble at all!" He made eye contact with everyone on the shuttle. "And if you dont like it, you can just walk right out the air lock!"


The shuttle shook gently as they flew back to the Ignominy.

"How..." Mark said in almost a wisper, "How do you know what Im doing?"
My knife thunks into the metal near Mark's head. "We had twice this then. And we still lost most of them. That was one f*cking person! We're going after 7 of them this time, all at once. You really think this could end better?" I then sigh, grabbing my knife. "Sometimes I feel like your dad's thoughts of you dictate your actions."

Markus was shocked at Torvus. This was the first time Torvus had ever done anything like that. Maybe you are going insane, should you call this one off? Markus took the knife out of the wall and handed it to Torvus.

"This has nothing to do with my father!" Mark shouted. "Are you in or out Torvus?"

The shuttle landed back in the Ignominy.

"That was thirty years ago." Mark muttered. "Never mention my father that way again." Markus stood and was already at the shuttle doors when they opened. He was walking off when he stopped and said, "Tell me whether you are in or out in one hour. Everyone else, prepare yourselves."

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Tracer turned his glare towards Markus. "You say you were a fool then, and I say you are a fool now. There will be trouble, Markus, and when something goes wrong, it will be on your shoulders." He leaned back in his chair as he cleaned his rifle. "I'm not saying that I won't do it, for like you said, money is money. But marks like these live their lives expecting people like us to come after them. You cannot control that variable."

He raised his eyes again, the red glow of his mechanical eye burrowing into Markus. "And when this goes wrong, you had better be ready to deal with it."
I shake my head. I really was tempted to just leave and go it alone again. Big group like this made stealth hard, but I'd had more consistent jobs with Markus. I sigh, more in frustration and leave the shuttle, heading for Mark's quarters. We were gonna settle this issue now. Whether he admitted it or not, his father's opinion of his son affected a lot of Mark's decisions. This was gonna end.
Markus stopped at that. He stood thinking for about ten seconds before continuing to his private quarters.
Tracer stuck his boot out, blocking Torvus's path. "Leave him. Right now his thoughts are in turmoil, and we need him calm for the job ahead."

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