Bug: Building Grid and Invisible Building

Bug Report
During ladder matches I have noticed that sometimes when I try to place a building, the grid is not in the proper location.

What I mean is, when I attempt to build a supply depot in front of my base, although I may be holding the cursor over the correct location, the building grid is far to the south. This does not happen 100% of the time, but it does happen enough to be a nuisance. This makes it very easy to misplace a building or consume an extra 3-5 seconds when 1 second is all that should be warranted.

Related to this issue, I have built a spire behind my mineral line (dealing with this grid issue) and returned to find that I COULD create air units, but the spire was not there and was un-selectable.

This issue seems to be occurring near cliffs and may actually be a map issue, but since it has happened during ladder games, I thought I should mention it. I am sorry, I cannot recall a particular map.
Um, interesting. Do you have any printscreen of you trying to place the building with the missplaced grid? Or maybe with some luck the replay of that game where you was not able to select your Spire?

As personal note, WHENEVER you see something weird, anormal, always take a screenshot even if it is in ladder game, even if it makes you lose the game haha, I think it is much faster to understand any issue with printscreen when it has visual impacts.
Greetings Rocko,

Like Fenix mentioned, a screenshot would really help us investigate this issue further. Could you please provide us with one at your earliest convenience if you see it again? If you do not know a good site to post your screenshots, feel free to check the forums for the more popular choices.


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