For Glory, Honor, and Home- Dissension

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Behold! The second installment of "For Glory, Honor, and Home".

The story so far:
The UED has returned to Koprulu sector, and with some guns of their own.
An inexorable force, they swept across the galaxy, completely obliterating the Dominion and annihilating any aliens in their path. The fate of the former Emperor Mengsk is open to speculation, but most believe he's alive and well- In hiding that is.
Now they've set their sights on establishing a permanent Empire in Koprulu, and they must be rid of they Zerg in order to live peacefully and prosperous.
The UED has become aware of the Xel'naga artifact and the powers it possess. They've obtained one of it's vital fragments and now seek to have Moebius assemble it.
The ship was clear, the traitors were dead and the rest of the crew including I was in the hanger bay. We were going to space the casket of the Angel. "He may have been UED, he may not have been the best person. But I will say this, he was a reasonable bastard that I ended up liking. And he gave us a present. Let's give him some honor." And as soon as I said that the casket was in space.
Vyctir once again found himself in the bridge, outside of his armor, and feeling horribly naked.
Adranos was briefing him on how he planned to assault Char.
"... then we make the push to the Main Hive, setup the artifact, and pray that we don't die horrible deaths."
Adranos stood straight, he had been hunched over the holomap while showing Vyctir the battle plans. Vyctir's facial expression was somewhat a cross between stupefied and stunned.
"So... You want us to charge into a horde of ravenous aliens that live to kill...
And that's the whole plan?!"
Adranos wore a grim mask.
"Indeed. This is no laughing matter. Many will die. But we do this to ensure the good of all humanity, not just this sector."
Vyctir was silent, there was no denying that.
"Okay... But I swear, if we both live through this, I'm going to beat you senseless."
Adranos allowed a slight smile.
"You'd have to get in line."
By the time I'd gotten back to the Striker, the fluid had healed the worst of the damage to my ribs, so I was in my command chair versus the medbay. "Have we had any luck finding the Raiders?" An Ensign shook his head and I sighed. Razor sat at his station, deep in thought. "We have no one to turn to but the Protoss, and I guess they have their own problems to deal with." Razor shook his head, then brought up the holomap, zooming in on Char.

"We can go to her."

"And get turned into space dust? No." I sat thinking then sighed. "We'll strike at a supply depot or something for now, try and draw out those 'Angels' that attacked us at the World Ship." Razor nods, though disappointed I didn't want to try, and begins scanning. For now, we'd fight a guerrilla war.
The Yggdrasil had broken from the fleet, and warped to the Moebius rendezvous coordinates.
It loomed about, almost dead in space, but still mighty.

The Admiral watched the clock with intent. He had arrived 2 minutes early than the set time.
It's been 5 minutes.
"Jheria, please tell me the timer is broken."
"It's fully functional, sir."
The Admiral sighed, he'd keep directing pointless questions about, but they were pointless after all. His psuedo-depression was interrupted by red lights and a blaring alarm.
"There's a battlecruiser warping in... But it's not Moebius."
The starmap revealed a battlecruiser, but it was minuscule next to the Yggdrasil. It's tag read 'Hyperion'.
Jheria pointed a question of her own.
"Hyperion... Isn't that Raynor's battlecruiser?"
The Admiral's face twisted as he examined the starmap.
"indeed it is. I don't believe they'd be stupid enough to try a frontal assault on us with anything less than a fleet, and since there's nothing in the immediate area of value, I assume that Moebius has directed them here as well."
He slid his finger across a panel on his chair, then alarms halted and lights returned to normal.
"I want to have a word with whoever set this up, I don't enjoy surprises."
The alarm sounded again, but was subsequently silenced by the Admiral.
Another battlecruiser had entered the map, this one was labeled 'Bucephalus'.
Jheria once again stated something most of them knew if they had kept up with current events.
"The Bucephalus was a Dominion flagship, it wasn't present during the battle over Korhal."
The Admiral was increasingly displeased.
"Hail them over communications, if they don't tell us anything useful in the first half minute I want them blasted into oblivion."

Details details deails Severals lines of boring stuff aaaaaaand we have story!
It took several hours before we finally found a supply drop ripe for hitting. In fact, the place was well established and it seemed they thought they were safe with such a small security force. "We'll hit it from two fronts, stealing what we can and destroying the rest." The commanders under me nod and and cut out, and I grab my weapons. Things were going to change somehow, and this may be the start of that. Razor followed.

"Hunter, is this necessary? You leading every attack personally?" I nod.

"It boosts moral for the ground troops and reminds the enemy that I'm not afraid of anything." He sighs and nods, heading off to the shuttle bays to make sure things are ready to go. I get my armor on, and start checking my weapons. This could actually be fun.

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