Darkest Heart Tourney Match oBs vs Crymson

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The ghouls seemed to be attracted to light energy, so I decided to allow more dark into my body, even if the effects could be worse than better. "You are forgetting one thing!" Micheal didn't realize that the horse was faster than him. I fired Hermes and the shells were encased in darkness.
I dont notice the bullets until they hit me. "Ow. Time for Plan B." I fire a ball of light at Graal. It seems to home in on him. The light is so intense, that it attracts all the ghouls.
The energy was right at the rear of the horse, I use Keeper to swing it back and it hits a wall.
I decide to grab out Hellsbane and load in a high speed sonic bullet. I focus my mind to make my aim 99.99% perfect. I aim and fire at Graal's weak spot.
Ok, you guys would have to be like inches apart to see each other right now.
I didn't see him which means that he saw me. Time for trick soon I think.

IC: The bullet goes right through me and I fall off the horse, the horse stops.
I heighten my vision substaintially(ability). I can make out Graal in the storm. I grab out Athos and Armads and shoot a volley of bullets again.
OOC: Im waiting......
I got up from the ground, some energy slowed down the bullet when it knocked me off the horse. It did less damage to me. Just then I heard a whistle near me and I ducked to the ground, firing all the rounds from Hermes in the direction of the bullets.

OOC: Thank you for being so patient while I had to go somewhere.
I hear the bullets before i see them and jump out of the way. I grab out Hellsbane again, put on a silencer, load in a sonic round, and fire again at Graal.
I heard a faint sound, I realized what it was and dodged out of the way. I then jumped back on the horse. "Come on, I have a trick." The horse started to gain speed.
I decide to send another ball of light at Graal, attracting all the ghouls to him. While he is distracted by it, i fire another shot from Hellsbane
The horse jumped onto a ghoul and onto another, the ball of light hits one of the ghouls and the horse was flying through the air. I was firing round after round from Hermes. The bullet was blending in well with the environment. The horse landed. "I must save my strength."

I start to continuoulsly fire bullets from Hellsbane(silenced) at Graal.
I had distinguished my life signs and a fake made out of energy was created on the horse, the horse would lead Micheal on a goose chase. I leap down and I was sneaking around, the bullets were hitting the horse and the horse fell over.
"Something's not right here...." I stop firing and look around. I see 2 Graals, one on the horse, and another moving around. "Which one of you is real..." I decide to fire a shot at both of them.
I was sneaking. *Rage face*

IC: Hermes went through the bullets and was heading straight for Micheal. I then brought out eight more blades and threw them all at once. Disappearing from sight again.
I see the blades coming at me. "CRAP!" I dodge most of them but one grazes me. "Ok, now im mad." I focus my mind again, to improve my vision. I begin looking around for Graal, staying on alert. Eventually, i find him. When i do, i begin firing more bullets at him while increasing my aim to 95% accuracy.

OOC: This will take a long time....
....You're ignoring the sand, IN YOUR EYES!!!
The sand slowed the bullets down and I managed to dodge all of them once I saw a ripple in the sand. I then fired multiple shots from Hermes, the bullets were quiet and were spinning fast, collecting sand making them harder and they blended in with the storm. As if nothing has happened.

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