Darkest Heart Tourney Match oBs vs Crymson

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I'm having a hard time seeing and i dont see the bullets rushing towards me until when they are a few feet from me. Again, i manage to dodge some of them. The rest either hit me in a non-lethal part or graze me. I decide to load a needle-thin bullet full of a small amount of very powerful stunning liquid into Hellsbane, take aim, and fire.
A energy started to form in the middle of the storm again and a horse came out, it was running rampant. It was the horse I had earlier. "Thanks now I only need to get out of the way...." The bullet pierced my leg and I crumpled to the ground, the liquid was taking effect already. "Damn..."
I load in more bullets that are similar and fire more of them at Graal.
OOC: You have a less chance to dodge the bullets now. Also, the effects stack, and last for a lonnngggg time.
WHY YOU NO ACKNOWLEDGE THE SAND IN YOUR FREAKING EYES?! Also, you forgot the strength of the wind with these bullets. They'd be torn apart.

IC: Before the bullets reach Graal, the wind grows in strength, thickening the sand storm and destroying the bullets.
The horse came galloping up to Micheal and knocked him down to the ground with amazing speed. The horse stomped on him.

My hand was shaking and I was trying to get up. The sand was getting into my eyes and I tried my best to cover them.
I attempt to roll out of the way of the horse. But with all the sand in my eyes, its hard to. Eventually, i end up sending out bullets in random directions, hoping to hit the horse and/or Graal.
The bullets were making the horse dissipate, but before it dissipated it managed to get on stomp on Micheal's chest.

I felt a whiz go past me and I hit the ground, the bullets were flying past over my body.
Checking the amount of damage you two have done to each other, you both have roughly 10 HP left. Next hit wins.
The bird of Hermes is my name,
eating my wings to make me tame.

The energy was enveloping my body. I had Keeper out and I got up from the ground, my wounds were healing and the liquid was being destroyed.
As a last resort, i channel whatever remaining energy i have into Solareon, releasing a large nova of destructive light energy.
I started to say my faith and my oath, a shield of energy started to form around me.

The nova hit right into me and I was sent flying through the air and I was then sent a foot into the cliff wall. "That hurt." And toppled with the form, I can survive most attacks even if it costs me something in the long run.
Plot escape used. Graal is now down to reflexes.
I clear the sand from my eyes, struggling to get up and see what happened. I manage to see Graal in the distance. "Time to finish this." I grab a special bullet ive been saving. It is a special .50 cal bullet that when fired, has a small homing mechanism along with a tiny booster. It reaches mach 2 after a couple seconds. I load it in Hellsbane, aim as best as i can, and fire.

OOC: This bullet has a lot of power, even if you put up a shield, it delivers so much force, it will most likely penetrate it, although delivering less force, still enough to take ur hp down to 0.
Assuming he doesn't reasonably RP his way out of danger. While he has no plot escape, he still has reflexes, and this form enhances them.
He better react fast, it would be hard to dodge a bullet going THAT fast. Even with enhanced reflexes.
I wrenched myself from the wall and I pulled out Hermes and Keeper. "Die, die, die!" I ran right towards Micheal. The bullet had reached me at amazing speed but I was not worried. It hit me right into the arm that had Hermes and ripped it cleans off, to bad Micheal underestimated something. Maybe from the sheer lack of knowledge.

The arm started to form back on my body while I continued to run straight towards him. Keeper slicing through the storm as I picked up speed and Hermes was back in my hand. The look was dark, it gave me strength and the inscription was bleeding.

The bullets were charged with energy and I fired them, the hit the arms of Micheal and the darkness was starting to course through his veins. Keeping him in place so I can behead him.

As the bullets hit me i become stunned with pain. In case he attempts to finish me off with melee combat, i put in whatever energy i have into Solareon for a single deadly strike, and keep it at the ready.
I approached Micheal and I saw the glint of a blade. I swung like on a horse but I was on ground, but then I released the blade while Hermes were firing off shots.

I put Hermes up and I dipped my fingers into my duster and pulled out yet eight blades again and threw the one hand at him. It was going to be hard if not possible to deflect or dodge them all.
oBs, you still have a plot escape, but then you're toast.
I see the bullets and blades coming and try my best to dodge and/or deflect them all. I manage to and start moving toward Graal.

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