Darkest Heart Tourney Match oBs vs Crymson

Joeyray's Bar
Right before the blade touched the ground I picked it up. I had four blades on one hand and Keeper in another. I swung all five at Micheal with amazing speed and strength.
OOC: just checking, which blade did u pick up?
Keeper I picked back up, that was the only blade that I dropped.
OOC: oh ok.
IC: With the last of my strength, i throw Solareon still charged with energy at his heart. It is moving so fast, you cant see it with all the sand around.
Keeper was covered in darkness and the blade was slicing through the storm like nothing, it even increased the force from the blade. "You are forgetting something."

"Let there be a rider." Another horse came out from behind Micheal and knocked him to the ground, the hoof came stomping down while I came down with a slice, it cut off Micheal's head. I then fell to the ground, I was exhausted from the amount of energy I used. Then I noticed a hole right next to my heart, it had barely missed and I fell down.
Graal advances to the next round. Well done guys.
awwww, oh well, nice job.
Wait, time for the button. GG


Time for Linnzie versus wfawwer which only me, her and Zarkun can see.
awwwww, why?
09/11/2012 04:03 PMPosted by oBsLumamastr
awwwww, why?
It's on DA because wfawwer accidentally deleted her email address and is pretty much locked out of her account, they are trying to work on it for a while now.

DA is Deviant Art.
oic. Now, what to do....I KNO!

Anyway, close fight. You won by this much:ll

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