Darkest Heart Tourney: Noct V.S. Seraphim

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I sigh.

"That boosting ability of yours is quite useful. Perhaps you'd be in trouble if something were to happen to it!"

I convert a shard into a thin, piercing, homing strand, and send it whipping towards Seraphim.

"Dodge this!"
You're also allowed one plot escape. And eventually, the ability to summon your vehicles once the missions reach that level of intensity.
While grappling with the were, I see the incoming shard.
(with a rolling laugh) I don't need to!
Right before the shard hits home, I flip over the were and the shard hits him in the chest.
leaping back over the were, I charge Noct, firing lightning at him as I go.

OOC: I think I'm done for now, need to get back to work... :(
With a small weave, I get way the hell out of the way of that bolt, laughing as it hits a tree to my right.

"Physics are so silly here. Paths of least resistance and whatnot."

Drawing out the Night's edge, I activate precognition if Seraphim decides to engage me, and arm a few shards to bear if he tries to feint.

OOC: Aidios.
The Lord Werewolf howls, blowing Noct straight out of his tree and shattering the shards he'd created.
"Gyah!" Damnit, ten or twenty shards I've been busy making. This annoying Lord could end up being a pain in my rear if not dealt with immediately...

Turning off Precognition, I turn to face it, keeping a wary eye on it.
I'm gonna wait for War to come back. What I have next affects you both.
As Noct turns his attention from me, I stop, bringing up Storm Caller. With a psi boost, I build up my psi energy in the rod, I focusing it on Noct. As I do so, several hefty bolts of psi lightning lance out of Storm Caller striking Noct and the area around him...

probably my last post for the night... no guarantees.
I straighten indignantly when one of those bolts managed to hit me. That hurt!

"I am SO going to get back at you for that!" I stagger to my feet, and whip a shard like a fastball at Seraphim, striking him sharply on the shoulder he was carrying that damn rod with.
The Lord had been content to watch, but now he was going to make a move. Howling again, the shards Noct has left shatter, then swipes through the air, sending out a shockwave that knocks both combatants through several trees.
With a clunk, I clip a tree with my fake arm, but otherwise escape yet again unscathed.

Geez, Tobi really likes to mess with people. He must've prepared that Lord long beforehand if it can shatter shards that easily...

"Perhaps we really should deal with this damn thing first."
You can see the Lord grin it's toothy grin. "I finally have a meal!" It lunges at Noct, intending to eat you in a single bite.
I dance backward, whipping my scythe up as I go, hoping to pierce the bottom of its mouth, and possibly though its brain if I can.

"Buzz off, fuzzball. Don't make me get serious."
The Lord snaps his mouth shut on the blade, forcing it through the roof of his mouth and through his nose. It jerks back, pulling the scythe, and consequently, Noct, into the air.

OOC: You can try to use the Lord and even the trees to try and beat your opponent. Throwing that out there.
With a whoop, I follow suite with the motion, stopping short enough so that I land on its back, pulling out the scythe as I go, and pulling the bar around the Lord's neck. Clamping my legs down around its shoulders, and my arms around the rod of my scythe, I reef it a bit, making sure he knows I'm here, and that I won't come loose without slitting his throat.

"Listen, bud. Here's how its gonna work. You're gonna help me kill that man over there, and you get a nice snack out of it if you do, and you get away without a scratch from me. Deal?"

I finish the little proposition with a tap from my leg.
The Lord simply chuckles and reaches back, grasping Noct with one hand and pulling the scythe from it's throat with the other. "I'd rather eat you as you gave me the nice new scar." He begins moving Noct towards his jaws, but then he notice the scar across it's chest, giving him an idea.
"Ah, so you're one of the jerks who pulled me around in that tunnel. Well, care for another dose?"

Pity I have no options left, not even shards or my scythe. At least this might be fun for Seraphim to watch...

And I begin gathering up energy, if a bit painfully, from the last overclock, all to aware of the consequences. It crackles into a nicely sized coating of black energy on my other arm.

"Bad choice pal. See-ya in hell!" And let loose a nicely sized beam at the damn thing's scarred chest.
The Lord doesn't even howl, simply drops dead. Noct falls from it's lifeless hands.

OOC: Are you crippled beyond combat?
OOC: No, but in rather ludicrous pain. I'm assuming seraphim has been knocked in the opposite direction from me.


I barely manage to clamp over a scream. Even releasing such a small amount of power, it cost me quite dearly. Gingerly moving a hand over my left eye, I gently paw at the ruined remnants of my left eye. With a pained whimper, I begin arranging some of the left over energy into my eye, in hopes of at least replacing it, or luckily repairing it.

With a swig from my flask and a little more pain control, I walk over to the Lord's corpse. With a veritable torrent of swears, insults and a few kicks, I grab my scythe and behead its corpse.

"!@#$%^- jackass. Go kiss the Devil's *!@#!"

I feel the energy in my eye begin to coalesce, and form into a new, polar opposite of my regular one. With an experimental look, I close my right eye, and take note of the blurriness in my left. Oddly enough, everything is painted in shades of grey, like my old phaseview contacts.

"Well, crap. This could be difficult."
You were knocked perpendicular to each other, but he might have rebounded into the other direction.

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