Darkest Heart Tourney: Noct V.S. Seraphim

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I gently peer into the distance, adjusting to my new eye. I don't see Seraphim anywhere nearby, so I suppose this miiight work. Ignoring the rather ludicrous pain coming from my eye, I focus, and imagine a small scene in my mind. A small, pitch-black shard hovers in front of me, reflecting what I imagined. Perfect.

With a gentle gesture, I set it down near the Lord's corpse, and make off, hoping nobody saw me.

OOC: I'd like to narrate what Warhawk sees. Am I allowed?
Yes, as long as it doesn't kill him right off.
No, not immediately. Nor instantly. Might be a bit of a surprise though. And it probably won't kill him.
Feel free.
Alright. Waiting on Seraphim to react to the Lord's attack, and the blatantly obvious beam I let out.
The shard hits me in the shoulder, a ripple of pain spikes down my arm. Forcing me to one knee as I cradle my wounded shoulder and arm. ngh.....

As I start to rise, the shockwave from the were sends me flying. With an instinctive psi boost, I manage to negate the worst of of the blast. Grabbing onto a tree branch as I fly past it, I somehow swing myself into the treetops, relatively unharmed.

Digging through my med kit, I quickly begin patching myself up while watching the fight between the were and Noct.

As Noct finishes off the were, placing the shard next to its corpse, I start circling around the corpse through the treetops towards Noct, not wanting to find out exactly what that shard was going to do...
OOC: Well, I intended to describe the whole scene as Seraphim saw it. ...Redacted.

IC: The shard quickly bursts, becoming a crackling ball of energy, and screams as the energy was released skyward, in a rather flashy explosion. Of course, it didn't go too high. The black sparks quickly settled down on the ground around the Lord's corpse, and seeped into it.

I whip another shard towards Seraphim, and race after it, intending to run him through, zig-zagigng along the way. "Sike!"
As the shard whips towards me, I draw Avenger, shattering the shard to nothing against my blade. Leaping down to the ground, I pull out Storm Caller. With a psi boost I fall back into a defensive stance, ready for anything...
Rolling out at the last minute, I swerve behind a tree, breaking off from a prime revenue of attack.

"Need I repeat myself? Things might get hairy in a moment or two..."
Realizing what Noct had done, I blast the tree he's hiding behind to bits with a focused blast from Storm Caller. Charging in for the kill, I stay alert for a possibly reanimated werewolf lord...
"Eyahahaha! You aren't slow at all~!" I shout tauntingly, and finally decide to unveil my little trap. Blasting Seraphim back with a concussive shard he practically ran into, a barrier quickly whipped up to keep him contained.

With a bit of effort, I coalesce the sparks sitting all over the place, changing them from a large barrier of pure energy and follow it up by imbuing the trees with that same energy. Their branches bend, and become pitch-black, warping to my wishes. It forms a fairly large arena, enclosing Seraphim in, along with a recently back-from-the-dead, extremely pissed Werewolf Lord.

One couldn't possibly call it as such anymore, it was more of a nightmarish, cobbled together creature. For the most part, it resembled its parent, but its ghostly white eyes and pitch black fur no longer appeared as its predecessor. With black, ghostly tendrils extending from the still visible, dripping wound, it somehow managed to roar, voice filled with an unholy rage, despite the damage I did to it.

"I had my turn with this bastard, now you can play too!" I say happily, somewhat drunkenly, before tumbling back and clutching my head against a painful headache.
Rolling back with the blast, I grind to a halt and turn to face the reanimated were.
Damn, you really are one ugly SOB... I say to Noct's animated construct.
Charging in, I leap forward for blow to its head, but instead drop to the ground and blast it in the chest with a sustained charge of psi lightning.
I laugh loudly, still holding the left side of my head, wincing in pain from the energy I was controlling in that little arena.

"It won't fall to such strikes you know. Its animated by energy! Its physical body would have to be ground to dust before you killed it again!"

The construct falls to the ground and charges Seraphim, a fair bit swifter and quieter than its disgustingly inefficient parent.
Very well then.. I'll do this the old-fashoned way!
As it charges up, I dart to the side with a psi boost and come in behind it, taking it's head off with a clean swing from Avenger...
...And the headless beast promptly picks you up, and pitches you across the arena, despite having no head.

"I told you, you'd have to grind it to dust to kill it..."

I consider throwing him a hint... But decide against it.

I hope he's got some creativity. I didn't even get to crank out the other fun stuff I could play with...

OOC: To be more clear, the were itself is no longer alive. Its nothing more than a puppet, and now without its head, (despite me lopping it off in anger earlier...) it is still fully capable of action.
As I'm flying across the mini arena, I psi boost my mind, making everything seem slow down. Twisting in midair, I point Storm Caller towards the construct, and blast the base's of five of the trees around it. As my little "time pocket" ends I roll across the ground and come up facing the construct as the five trees I hit come crashing down on it...
With a sickly crunch, the construct falls down under roughly a ton of trees.

"Bah, you did enough. Rest." And the pelt of the beast returns to its normal colors, and it seems to deflate as the sparks leave its body and disintigrate.

"Personally, I would have simply lopped off its arms and legs. Much simpler, and probably more effective. Nonetheless, lets continue."

And with a shout, unleash a few dozen shards I had prepared, all of which were modified to pierce, as I began cutting with my scythe through the gnarled arena I cobbled together.

OOC: Its 9PM where I am now (Well, 9:15 now...) and its not even the weekend. G'night.
damn, alright tomorrow then... AT THE FIRST LIGHT OF DAWN, LOOK TO THE EAST!
lol :)
With a facepalm, I realize what I'm doing. Slicing through a construct like this has absolutely no purpose to me! With a bit of focus, I patch the area, and order the gnarled wood to go and chase Seraphim, and possibly crush him or slice him apart.

With a leap, I hop up to the top of the arena, and watch Seraphim fight the numerous wooden tendrils threatening to tear into him.
with a quick burst of lightning, I shatter some of the shards headed for me and dodge the rest.

(as the animated trees begin to close in around me)
Trees?... you've got to be kidding me...
With a mad laugh I draw Angel's Breath, crossing it with Stormcaller. Spinning, I throw my arms wide, letting loose intermixed waves of fire and lightning, blasting and burning the animated trees. When I stop, everything within at least good ten or so feet of me (assuming thats how big your min arena was) has been blasted and burned to piles of ash...

(turning to Noct)
Now. Lets finish this...

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