Darkest Heart Tourney: Noct V.S. Seraphim

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As Noct and Seraphim battle, a storm rolls in, and lightening fills the sky as the wind picks up.
My eyes widen in alarm, and I swiftly dismount the tree.

Knowing Tobi, or the Hellsings in general. they're probably gonna try and strike me with lightning... Aha! Idea!

With a wicked smile, I look at Seraphim. "These shards of mine seem to be constantly shattered by you... Odd. Its been a while since I've met someone with the talent, and Tobi's one of them as well."

I pause for a moment, for effect.

"But what if I don't weaponize and materialize them?"

Tapping into the energy that the shards provide me, I take the three left I have, and channel all of them into my muscles, and essentially increase their strength by a factor of three. Shortly after, I race into the arena, and toss Seraphim high into the air, well over three or four stories before he even has a sliver of time to react.
I watch the ending of the battle contently, seeing how it ends up.
Seraphim still has a plot escape, and you may have just screwed yourself over, morrjo.
OOC: Well, what about me? Have I yet to use one? *thinks one plot escape cancels the other out*

IC: You know what to do, Mister Hellsing. This should be nice and flashy to watch, right?
Flying upward, I let out bark of mad laughter.
Noct, I don't think you fully understand what happens to a weapon when it's named, especially weapons as powerful as ours!

Pointing Stormcaller towards the heavens, I tap into the nearly unlimited energy of the storm around me with my rod... And refocus it down at Noct, striking him with a massive lightning bolt of super-charged psychic energy...

heh heh...
And the potential death blow has been struck. Never throw a man with a lightening manipulating weapon into a lightening storm.
OOC: Sonuva... Thank gods for pride.

IC: Well, THAT came to bite me in the !@#$... If he hadn't called out like that, I would've never crouched down in time, and that bolt probably would have fried me alive... Atleast most of it went into the tree through my arms... Ow...

With a pained gasp, I pull the wreck that was once my right arm from the tree, along with the rest of my body. The left one was currently fine, being constructed from energy from The Ways, but the other one was looking a bit...crispy, to say the least, joined with its partner at the elbow. Gogogadget lightning rod!

The shards that I was drawing energy from puff into dust, leaving me with a last, pitch-black one, filled with overspilled, wasted over-clocked energy, some of which I used to reanimate the Lord Werewolf. With a cat like, pained and tight smile, I look up, seeing Seraphim falling back to earth with the help of good old granny gravity.

"That hurt. But you think YOU know power? I have a whole reality at my fingertips, and you have nothing to boost off of. I believe this is checkmate!" And with a finger, whip up all of that power I recycled, and imbue the shard with my will, shattering it, and whipping thousands of fragmets towards him, like flak from a cannon, glittering like spray from waves.
As the fragments come flying at me, I once again cross Angel's Breath with Stormcaller and throw up a wall of fire and static energy, harmlessly deflecting the shard fragments.

Rapidly approaching the ground, I psi boost my legs, cushioning a good deal of the impact but definitely not all of it...

Slowly standing up, I holster Angel's Breath and draw Avenger, turning to face Noct...

Like I said before... Lets finish this.
Plot escapes have been used by both of you. Now it's all down to reflex.
With a thrust of the Night's edge, and a small burst of energy from a tired body, I hurl myself at Seraphim, intending to quickly run him through and dance out of range, or if that fails, overclock, and probably further cripple myself, probably permanently, and likely shatter this arena.

Tobi, I hope those wards you made around the arena work damn well... Or this could be painful, either way.

With a mighty swing, I send the Night's edge screaming towards Seraphim's side.
As Noct reaches me, I psi boost my mind, slowing time to a crawl. with a sweep of Stormcaller, I deflect Night's edge, and run Avenger through Noct's heart...
Well played friend...
"Humans are so predictable." With an insane smile, I backpedal with the strike, almost taking me out of range. But not quite enough. The steel bites into my chest, and I feel it. And it HURTS.

With a quick gurgle, I drop to my knees, and look at him, my two opposing eyes looking quite plainly into his.

I wait for Tobi to announce the winner. I know this is a fatal wound. Any time left now is just a formality.
And in the upset of the Century, Seraphim wins! Well done guys. Looking forward so see how you adapt as I add more twists.

Edit-morrjo, you were in mid air. That mad no logical sense.
*cough* What? I don't recall being in the air... The word "hurl" to me meant lurch to a dash...
...lol what?

gg wp
I think there should be a loser's bracket, don't you think?
OOC: Sigh. I'll retroactively edit...
morrjo, you said you hurled yourself, meaning you were in the air. As DM, I make the final call. Even if you were on the ground, he knocked you off balance enough to make the killing blow.
I know, and I did edit it to reflect it. Please Re-read from my post down. ...Not quite finished in this duel yet.

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