Darkest Heart Tourney: Noct V.S. Seraphim

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...Pity. The words: Mutually Assured Destruction could have applied... Noct isn't quite dead yet... But he's screwed.
Sorry, have other RPs I'm in. I have to have a winner, and such as War got in a mostly fatal blow, I'll declare him, unless you can think of a way to force a tie, and after some rest, a rematch.
OOC: well! in that case then...

Drawing Angel's Breath, I flick the spread to pinpoint and level it with Noct's head. Looking straight into his eyes I say;
Well, this is where it ends
And with that, I slag Noct's face to nothing.
Damn you, ninjas! I was hoping for at least a small, reality rending explosion...

IC, outside the arena:

I look in, watching him slag me. Pity, I was at least hoping to break even, or at least leave him in as much pain as I was.... With a turn, I walk to the armory, an idea sprouting in my head, and my mind boiling in wish for vengeance.

last bit I'm posting here. Unless War wants some last words, thread dies here...
Ok, that declares Hawk a winner.

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