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PKA has an extensive story, as does DH. Yours are capable of being done that quick because you push for the action.
^That too.
TC wanted contact? Here's an old E-mail I keep running for kicks:
Contact me through there if you suspect issues or don't want forum clog.
Hey guys. I just got off work.
Just to clarify, My work hours are not necessarily defined, Sure I'll work at the office, but I manage to do the work on my laptop. This allows me to participate somewhat on these threads.
So, I'll have a little more time now to do this stuff.

So anyways, There might already be one of these, but, what would you think of a simple thread where we can post links to our best stories?

Just an idea.
For Zarkun to see what I did for Thecommander, I hereby do the following:

It's the end of the world as we know it
It's the end of the world as we know it
And I feel fine!
Meh...I don't know but it's just my opinion. least I can prepare myself for the mile run now since I have to make it up.
I feel that if I dont post for the action, people give up and forget to post.

Knights of resistance.
Underworld Braxis.

every RP I have ever created has died down and would have died had I not done something epic and brought everyone back. Some people *cough* *cough* SF *Cough* Only like the action and will just forget about it if things aren't going their way.

@CR: Yeah, that is kind of a bonus! Look at every thing that comes at you as a blessing in some way.
"No. I just am forgetful and not as intrigued later on as I am at the beginning. And don't give me sh!t. I'm still your superior here. I did the escape so I could get a way for both of them survive and be able to use them in future times so I could drop out and pay attention to the ones I'm more intrigued in."
I meant no disrespect Shadow! It is well known you love blood and gore in every post and was simply using you as an example!

Thank you for clarifying.

You keep editing it -_-

I wont kill ANYBODY without proper warnings, escape routes, etc. That was a one time thing what I did when I was extremely noob. I still am for that matter, can we please move on?

Oh, by the way Fenris and Joranis are still in The Dishonored whether you like it or not. If you would like me to mark them as "invincible" and control not their tongue, but their actions. I most certainly will. Joranis is probably to be released soon anywho.
Smylez, Breakout was a fantastic RP. I must compare my first impression of you to Drac's of me. Draconus summed it up very well...

Used to idolize KnarledOne then realized how goofy he is.

The Defiler was really scary, so I got an impression of you as serious. WHich you're not.
"...For some reason I have a thought that when Knarled first arrived he idolized me for a week. But I'm sure it's just my imagination."
It's true, Shadow. You were the first person to acknowledge my existence without trying to sell me something.
"The first one to acknowledge your existence was Jake when he sold you a calculator to battle math, correct?" I grab one of the Roaches and flay the flesh off its bones and then eat the flesh before moving onto the organs.
wait????? KO idolized SF??????? ummmm I always thought knarled was more mature and was here longer lol
"...Are you calling me immature?" I pull out a large butcher's knife. "Well then, I guess you won't need your body. Don't worry, I'll feed it to the homeless and then kill them and feed some more just to kill them afterwards and continue."
09/21/2012 06:31 PMPosted by MechaGhidrah
wait????? KO idolized SF??????? ummmm I always thought knarled was more mature and was here longer lol
Please capitalize...that's all I'm asking. It can be a pet peeve at times...
ShadowFury, becalm yourself. The cat meant no harm. However, methinks it's time to surround a cat with dogs. *releases the hounds*
*Looks at the hounds* No got that breed!?
It's funny because I didn't specify breed.
Ehrmegehrd! Spehsefecehshen!
Guys, I know you may have been dismayed by the first version of Commandment of the Just. But I've re wrote it.

Please read the first part.

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