Zanon's PRP Bar (Part 11)

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I don't read many stories. Nor do I look at an RP I know I won't enter.
Oh, I think you will like this story.
I read much. I read every book I have.
I have developed a theory, based on many theaters of study:
Music, Movies, Books, Art
Unless it is by a trusted name, if it is new it is not even worthy to burn.
Yes. Jake was the first to acknowledge me. You were second; we worked together to create vodkalings.
Wow surprised more people are not on. It is a Friday night.
"Some get tired. While others find another thing to do while they wait."
To true. Listening to the RT podcast myself atm.
I just finished Dead Space :DDDDD

What an epic ending!!!! Man, that game was AMAZING!!

I wont be RPing for a week btw. I'll be AFK for a while. I expect a summary when I'm back :)))))
I feel ashamed for doing this, but I see no other way to get back into the RPs....

!@#$ HITS THE FAN AND I APPEAR! Random explosions make for amazing entrances :3
Please don't destroy too much.
Perfect thing for Calek to do in PKA it to just go to his Hotel room.
Reckoning I would say maybe have your people holed up somewhere?
AiH we are still waiting on you know what...
DH you are still in a match.
What about Z&Z
Im starting up Feral again after my long break!!!!!! Wanted to spread the word
/extremefacepalm Uh Duke? You don't post that kind of stuff in the story forums, for one it has nothing to do with the main starcraft universe and you might get your !@# chewed out.
Ya, your probably right..........
Folks down there are weird....
And the story forum is kinda for lore purposes...
Da fak
Are you guys?
Must I
Track down
Your house
Just to
Make you
If I do
You guys
Will die
In very
Evil ways.
I'm sorry Draconus...*plays with feet* But I wanted to wait for the others... Sad Face.
I've been raging because NOTHING has moved in almost an hour.
BTW, ETA on LeKroger?
"548 days, 12 hours, 31 minutes, and counting, down."
I think he has work because he left earlier because he had to might be work or something else. But Zarkun is back. And Zarkun just went to bed...

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