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I got off DA, not off here yet.
*trumpet* Wawawawaaaaaaaaaaaaa*/trumpet*
I've been raging because NOTHING has moved in almost an hour.
BTW, ETA on LeKroger?

Sorry Ball State had a Family weekend with a football game.

Had over 5k in sales today in from bout 5:30p.m. to 10:00p.m.

I now despises this weekend and Ball State for the Family weekend.
Don't worry. I'm much calmer now. You need not fear me scanning for your IP address to find your home to stab you in your sleep . . . *head rotates in Stewie fashion*
You would find me waiting with a cast iron skillet in one hand with a chefs knife in the other.
I may be many things, good sir, but I am most decidedly not stupid. Don't presume to make that error.
Anyway I am just glad to be home. I don't plan on being up much longer either.
Too bad. :(
I get bored.
But I get where you're coming from. Last year, six hours added on after school one day for AP exams.
Yeah working both jobs can be taxing. For awhile I worked all week averaging about 50 to 60 hours between them both. Was miserable most evenings when I got home. I am just glad my wife was able to deal with me.

Edit: Also during that time for awhile I had to ride a bike to work and back since I was having car problems. Was bout a thirty minute or so ride to one job from home. The other from home was about fifteen minutes.
Did. And it could have been worse.
It was fairly nice weather those days. Only one or two had rain. It did help keep me in shape.
I love Star Crafts.

They're like the Tom&Jerry of the SC universe.

But I love Prismatic Voids too. BARTEND!
I just retrieved the links to all the old Z&Z threads for Z&Z2, and fell into the nostalgia tour trap.

KO I loove Starcrafts too. My fav was the episode "Choked Up"
I just retrieved the links to all the old Z&Z threads for Z&Z2, and fell into the nostalgia tour trap.



What do ya mean?
I got mesmerized by the old threads, and felt myself longing for the HBRB days of roleplaying.

Good ol' Zergling and Zealot. I hope my sequel will be able to live up to its standard.
Your sequel is pretty good KO ill give you that
"It never will be Knarled, it would require all of the greatest RPers to come back and join for it to be as good. Or better."
True, SF.

But Mecha reminded me that I didn't gloat about making it to Thread #2 nearly enough.


*Vodkalings hug everyone and explode into lots of vodka*
"Actually technically, I made the second thread. So you aren't allowed to celebrate." I laugh evilly.

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