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I would say that Ceas' main flaw would be that his prioritization is really strange, in that he is totally and completely unconcerned about almost everything short of "the planet is going to blow up in 2 seconds and I can prove it". So he could pretty much be about to get shot and really just not put a high enough priority on it to do anything about it. Hence the reason for going off and doing his own thing while missing good chunks of major battles.
I just realized Jester (who was introduced PKA page 1) has been less developed than Joan (introduced Techsuit page 4).
Priority issues, I guess.

How goes the pic, Owl?
Owl is in bed, please leave a message after the beep. *BEEEEEEP.*

Zaros=Anger. As well as his caring nature for those he, well, cares for. Also lacked use of ranged weaponry.

Arianna=Lack of physical strength and training. Unable to truly kill a man.

Brian=Entire personality. Plus fact of when he gets high.

Fenris=Love for killing and hubris.


Korzis=Overconfident, too caring.


Zaros=Psionic power, physical strength as well as skill.

Arianna=Her ability to sneak within the most powerful mental barriers. Exception being the Lorian nano-tech.

Brian=...I don't think he really has one...

Fenris=Stealth, Fear Poison, Mechanic ingenuity.

Keira=Master Mechanic and incredible accuracy.

Korzis=Very skilled.
Shadow: extremely powerful, well trained, has more true combat experience than anyone (90 years spent entirely in combat by Techsuit)/ detached, bitter, oblivious to emotion

Umbra: ridiculous power, well trained/ bratty as hell

Jess: Saboteur, empathy/ trying to get Umbra to release an advantage, ignoring own daughter

Dani: physical strength, training/ psychological scarring, insecurity

Joan: training, power, pinpoint accuracy/ EoP, issues with being noticed
I definitely need work on my people...-_-
But I am definitely better than when I first started out.
I just made a random thing. Wasn't stealing thunder, just bumping without bumping.

Abel is well-developed, but really is a Mary-Sue. You know, a character that always knows what they're doing and always fixes their problems?

BTW, Shadow's thing IS psionic power. Considering Arc was a purely mental entity, Shadow would have no issues with him. It's like sending wooden soldiers at a Firebender. It's just not gonna happen.

Who ever said arc was purely mental?
In actuality, the fire bender thing should be reversed.
Arc would be able to obliterate Shadow, in both Physical and mental warfare.
After all, Shadow is only a small piece of Arc's "Body"

And Abel has failed, several times more than Shadow.
Hey guys, just popped in to say:
I wish i was stupid and taking rudimentary math and an English class that's at my grade level and a history class that doesn't require a friggin' essay every week that requires [i]at least[i] 6 hours of rigorous research.
Also, i want a better computer... But I can wait a bit longer... a few years maybe.
Wish me luck.
Good luck.

And good news!
The next part of my story is coming out TODAY.

I'm off to work, I'll post it around lunch.
Good luck at school folks!

Ah, also, I'm making a recut (funny remesh) of The Hunt for Red October. II'll put a link to it once I've made it. At that time I'll also post my LotR recuts on YouTube as well.
Well looks like monday. Feels like tuesday. Wanting it to be saturday....

Yay for life.
And so it goes on.....
Anyway whats up with yall.
Currently sitting in construction theory, with wood construction.
Algebra 2.
Not seeing the "2" yet. Becoming very bored.

Sometimes, intelligence isn't a basket of roses.
It usually sucks, to be brutally honest.

We live in a world run by stupid people.
That are only getting stupider.
I fear the day my generation takes over.
I feel ya Drac. It has already started mind you.
I prefer intelligence. It lets me see all the fascinating parts of the world, and help me comprehend just how wonderfully complicated it is. It allows me to help others to understand.

We need to have smart people in the world like us, if only so that we can tell the stupid people 'I told you so' when they screw up.
Some people just seem to be oxygen thieves.
Like most people I know.

California is the second dumbest US state. And yet I shudder at thinking about a place with even more stupidity.
I wouldn't have thought that California would be second. Maybe in the twenties but not in the top three.
Recent numbers came in.

Average IQ: 49th

Average Teacher Pay: 47th

Daily Murders: 12th

Daily Suicides; 21st

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