Zanon's PRP Bar (Part 11)

Joeyray's Bar
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I think it would have to be Bar Mates, just because Barmates bugs me. But lets see what everyone else thinks of it.
How about the Bar Alliance?
Just my two cents.
Not bad. Two good ideas so far. My just sounded cool XD
How about The Regulars.
It's gotta have something to do with JoeyRays, though. The Regulars just doesn't make that connection.
Voting tally!
One vote per person.
0 Regulars
0 Bar Mates
0 Bar Alliance
Better yet: The JoeyRegulars.
I vote...Alliance.
Bar Alliance does sound more militaristic, and any alliance is bound to have some disorganization to it, so I'll put my vote there.
Current Tally:

JoeyRegulars: 0

Bar Mates: 0

Bar Alliance: 2
Alliance, Ah-yah.

JoeyRegulars: 0
Bar Mates: 0
Bar Alliance: 3
I don't care, so put me down for all three.
*Eye twitches*
I guess, I'm not in a good mood so I am just going to pull one out of my !@#. Bar Mates.
Alliance seems fine.
Hey Nikola In Feral we need a Toss Char, Zerg Char or Terran Char to help keep the RP a movin cause doin all three races burns me out faster than speedling with rocket boosters on creep
I vote JoeyRegulars. Mecha, back me up.

JoeyRegulars: 1

Barmates: 1

Bar Alliance: 3
Can Calek become involved?


I'm tempted to do terrible-terrible things to people if he does...

Is that a bad thing?
No Calek. Use someone new.

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