I have decided to join you!

Joeyray's Bar
Panadero, you can ignore a good portion of what ShadowFury says here. We're all insane to some degree, and I keep him on a short hallucinogenic leash to keep him under control.

So you're looking to join RPs, are you? Okay, let me give you a few basic rules first.

Rule one: do not ever, and I mean ever, screw around with another person's character. This rule is mostly common courtesy, but we all appreciate it when it's followed. It's very easy to do, just don't do anything that you wouldn't want someone else to do to your characters.

Rule two: be nice to other people on the forums, but if someone starts acting really weird (ex. ShadowFury, or smylez), do not be afraid to respond in kind. We're all just having a good time, and sometimes it gets out of hand. I don't actually drug ShadowFury, but it is fun to mess with his head. Don't worry about offending us, as long as you stay away from the obvious territories it's very hard to do. So have fun. Insanity can be quite enjoyable.

Rule three: do not be afraid to ask questions inside an RP. As long as you take the time to differentiate when you are in character or out, we have no problem. If you have an idea for where to take a story, give it to either the thread creator or DM (usually the same person).

Rule four: if you have an idea for your own story, post it! We always look at new threads, even if we don't always post in them. Just keep a firm hand on them, because it is very easy for us to derail them into nonsense.

Other than that, stop by the Bar thread if you just want to chat. Most of us are on at various times, and the Bar thread is the perfect example of our insanity. Be advised that we are already converting you. So have fun, enjoy your time here, and if someone offers you a drink, for gods sakes, do not accept, especially if it's from ShadowFury! He's crazy!
Hey Panadero, I am starting another RP and you are welcome! Its called "The Dishonored."
Damn so many new people!!!! Well anyways hi there im MechaGhidrah and im pretty much same except for one thing and thats thanks to smylez.............. Well i just started Feral:The Need to Survive so feel free to join in just mind the rules
"...My Mind Shredders are fine, they're fun!" I throw one at Zarkun and he starts getting shredded to bits by the liquid.
I AM PERFECTLY SANE EXCEPT FOR THAT ONE THING AND THAT WAS ALL SMYLEZ'S FAULT.I am the sanest person here so if you like sanity stick with but if u dont...... hang out with shadowfury and smylez
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You are about as sane as I am, Mech. And I am insane. So stop denying it.
we scared the poor guy off
Doubt it.

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