Genconners of Joey Rays?

Joeyray's Bar
Seriously though, who else went?
Hello. Old friend.
(I did not, not even sure what it is.)
Hey, how's it going?
Gonna be peetty buSy this year.

Marching band.
JROTC (basicly the Army's Cadet program)
Moving soon.
ADvanced classes
09/08/2012 01:57 PMPosted by Korozain
I'm in the JROTC Air Force branch myself.
Cool. I aim for Westpoint. I have some good chances too.
Korozain, you live!
Oh, yeah. Sorry i left you all hanging. Got alot of stuff to do and im only free on weekends/holidays.
Think Comicon but in Indiana instead.

I only know a little bit about it and could not attend it. Would like to some time though.
Interesting. But Vulture, you able to RP anytime soon?
Text RP maybe, not Cortex. Can't devote huge blocks of time anymore D:
Well it is good to have you back Vultureling. How was Gencon this year anyway.
Epic. Cardhalla was amazing.

In fact, I think I saw Jay there. Not positive, but pretty sure.

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