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By the time Graal reaches the kitchen, Linnzie's mess was gone. I come out of my stance and smile, glad the Balancers had understood and now I had to build the teams. I grab the intercom. [All hunters meet me in the Armory in 10 minutes.] I then go to the armory, grabbing my coat as I go.
I grab a energy bar off of the counter and Linnzie pounced me, she was licking my face. "Hey, what are you doing?"

She continued. "I am showing my kindness for what you did."

OOC: Zarkun, me doing a sub plot. I think you can tell what it is.
OOC: oh boy, here we go again...
@CR: It's kinda obvious.. just keep it PG, k?

{On my way.}
I'm not dumb, so yes. Hope everyone sees the intercom post. Also, unless I post otherwise, I will always make a new thread.
I head down to the armory after hearing the announcement.

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Linnzie quit licking me and I got up. "You don't have to lick me you know?"

She said back. "I don't?"

"No, now if you follow me we will go to the armory, and maybe you should wear something else?"

She smiled and followed. "Ok."
All good. I actually think bnet could use a meebo chat bar or something.

IC: I arrive just ahead of Seraphim and Micheal. "Ah, so I'm not going to get ignored. Good." I hit a series of buttons and a tournament arena appears, definitely built stronger then the training.
I arrived with Linnzie on my heels. "Maybe we should give her a change of clothes, and she is following me like crazy, like she has an affection with me?" I whispered the last part to Tobi so nobody could hear.
Name: Seraphim
Age: 35
Weapons & Equipment:
- Avenger; a reforged demonic blade inlaid with silver warding runes and anointed with holy oil (family heirloom)
- Angel’s Breath; a handheld holy oil flamethrower. (adjustable flame spread, from wide to pinpoint)
- Storm Caller; psi lightning rod, self-explanatory
- Medical Kit
- Psi Mastery level 1 (gives Psi Boost an all around improvement and make Storm Caller do more damage as it's a psychic weapon)
- Psi Boost; can temporarily enhance physical attributes (sight, strength, toughness, etc)
- Advanced Training; (Passive) Extensive knowledge of monster tracking, mechanics and field medicine, also well trained in mixed martial arts
Backstory: A descendent of another prominent monster hunting family, Seraphim received a message from Alistair requesting his presence at New Hellsing Mannor.

Just thought it would be a good idea to update and repost.

Oh? what's up with this? (gestures to tournament arena)
I chuckle to myself and decide to let Linnzie explain her affection when she was ready. "Graal, take Linnzie to the armorer machine in the back. It'll supply her with what she'll need. And you'll find out what this is for once you all arrive."
why do I have a bad feeling about this...?
"Linnzie, Tobi wants me to take you to get fitted ok?"

She gave me this look and sighed. "Fine..."

We walked to the armorer. I then sent a message to Tobi. What are we going to do about her, she only has Teeth and Claws, and a dinky pistol.
"Ill guide her to the forge and teach her to craft weapons."
"Ah, so you learned from my little... incident... I take it Alistair has fixed it up?"

I gently close my eyes, and begin to slowly generate shards. I know what's going to happen.
{I have a sword and pistol she can borrow. Don't worry about it, she's entitled to everything you are.}
@Linnzie "having a regular weapon isnt enough. You'll need to implant runes to strenghten it if you want to survive. Ill walk you through it. I hand her a book with instructions."
"having a regular weapon isnt enough. You'll need to implant runes to strenghten it if you want to survive. Ill walk you through it."

Fixed it for you.
We reached the armorer and I saw Linnzie looking at the armor in distaste. "Can't find anything you like."

She turned to me and gave me this look of the answer no. "I can't find anything, she then saw what seemed to be like a duster like item. "I'll take that." She swiped it and put it on. "I can take off the shirt later, it's all raggy." She then was looking at the weapons and she only took a bow. "Guns are so clumsy."

I nodded. "Well, if you are ready then lets go back." We exited out and met back with Tobi. Linnzie was actual looking really good, the rags weren't showing and she was just carrying the bow.

"What, I don't like guns, clumsy."

OOC: And how are you going to get her exactly on to use a weapon?
umm.. Tobi, I've been thinking something over. What would you say to me teaching Linnzie martial arts? Provided that she willing to learn of course. Her natural strengths make her well suited for unarmed combat.
I head back to the armory and decide to wait.

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