Darkest Heart IV

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I walk to the group, awaiting Tobi's instructions.
I think for a moment, then lead Linnzie back and show her the armorer machine. "Step in and it will analyze your mind for a preferred armor. Trust me, you'll like what it gives you." I then face Seraphim. "As you said, if she's willing. I see no problems with it."
She pouts and walks back over to it.

I then stopped Tobi for a second as soon as Linnzie steps into the machine. "I think she likes me for some odd reason?"
"You two may have more in common than you thought."
chuckling to myself, I start to point out the obvious to Graal, but stop myself.
(in mind) Let things take their natural course, more than one relationship has been ruined because of outside influence, and you can attest to that personally, can't you? I think to myself bitterly.
Linnzie came back out in a sleeveless leather armor that was like a vest, it was also reinforced with metal. The pants were leather like but also jean like? She walked back over to them. "That machine feels funny."

I just look at her. "Interesting, I would have never known because I haven't been in it yet?"
Well, I think we're all ready, so you going to tell us what this is all about?
I can't. Gotta wait on SF. May not start til tomorrow. Til then, feel free to use the armorer for completely customized to your specs armor.
I shrugged and headed over to the machine and got in it.

Several moments later I exited and my duster was reinforced leather with chain links inside the duster. Almost like chain mail. "Who's next?"
I decide to head to the armor machine to customize my armor. It comes out as my old armor but an electric blue color. "Nice."
What's going on in this thread?
A classical arena type RP, or is there more to it?
there is a lot more to it
Ask Zarkun if u wanna join
Maybe. I don't like getting involved in more than 2-3 threads at a time.
yeah, that might not be such a good idea after all...
Alright, but if you want to join, ask Zarkun any time.

What number are you trying to show there?

What number are you trying to show there?
Shouldn't it be you know IV?

IC: Linnzie look at Micheal's armor in disgust.

What number are you trying to show there?

^^That's what I thought!
I figured I've corrected enough people on English for a while...
Technically that's not English...

You meant IV.
Damnit, Raven beat me to it.
Thanks guys. Something felt off and I couldn't place it.
"What are you looking at? I like blue! Actually..." I step into the machine again. This time, my clothes are a very dark blue."
I nod approvingly, then step in myself, coming out wearing the golden armor Argost had made for me. "As you can see, I have my weapon made armor, something you'll all gain when the time is right."

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