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Fire me a recap. You guys did a lot while I was away.
Well, Toria got bitten by a werepyre. And Ravener ran off. That is all.
I knew about Toria. I meant about what's happened since.
Well Toria has been given a painkiller by Seraphim. And unbeknownst to us, Ravener ran off in search of the angel for some reason.
He's searching for food, and has deduced that the angel is good at finding it.
Alright, I can run with that.

IC: I look around, searching for Ravener. Unable to find find him in the mansion, I head outside, searching for his energy. It wouldn't be hard to find with as unique as it was.
Graal got the !@#$ beat out of him by some unknown creature that burst through the floor boards. All of his bones are slowly mending thanks to a dagger and some weird liquid. Him and Linnzie are both in his room and she is cuddling him.

Creature disappeared and earlier after the confrontation before they went to the room, Ravener almost ate Linnzie.
...And Noct is on his own down in the Armory, whacking away at a new weapon...
Good to know. I shall interject with Alistair when needed. For now, do your thing.
I decide to ask Tobi about Solareon. "Hey Tobi, lately, Solareon has been doing wierd stuff. For one, it seems to be starting to do things of its own accord. And it has been glowing unusually brightly lately."
I take a moment to glance at Micheal. "Solareon can sense an angels presence and...react to it. Some of it is from the excess energy an angel gives off. The rest, I'm not sure. Your family kept much of it's abilities a secret from me."
"Well, ill have to look into it. As for it doing things of its own accord, it may be gaining sentience from exposure to angelic energy."
I shake my head, still searching. "That is natural to Solareon. A sort of side effect of the forging. Surprised it took this long."
"It probably was being dormant until it was unlocked by something..."
"Most likely the angel, not so much the energy as the presence."
"There are many possibliities, although i'll investigate one plausible one."
"However, i will need to investigate the ancient tomes of my family to see if i can uncover anything. Unfortunately, i have no idea where they were. Maybe looking around my ruined hometown will give me some clues. Alright Tobi, can i have permission to leave the manor in order to investigate my ruined hometown?"
I nod, still attempting to get a lock on Ravener's signature. It really was difficult to find. "That's a good place to start."
"Alright." I leave the manor and begin walking back to my hometown, in search of clues to a number of mysteries about Solareon. Upon reaching the smoldering ruins, i find my house. I begin looking around.
I was starting to shiver and sweat. The nightmares were coming. My wolf starts running. Looking for Seraphim.

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