Darkest Heart IV

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I decide to go to work on strenthenging my armor while im waiting.
I watch Micheal attempt to strengthen his armor. "Draw Solarean."
I shade my eyes against how damn bright Tobi's armor was.

"Geez, are you trying to blind us or what? Anyway, I can fight as is. I don't need some blessed armor or blade, they'd only serve to get in the way, and interfere."

I run a finger along the edge of my scythe, drawing a small drop of blood. I stick my finger into my mouth quickly, not wanting that little cut to bug me.
I draw out Solareon. "Ok....now what?"
I brought out Keeper to tell Tobi that the blade broke, but then I saw that it was repaired. "Never mind then." I also took out Hermes.

Linnzie was just eying everyone. "Can I speak to the guy that saved me in private please?" She was talking about Graal.
I turn to Linnzie. "It's important that he learn this as well, so in a moment." I then face Micheal and Graal. "You'll gain access to the full armor once you're truly one with the weapon, but for now you should be able to summon a chest plate. Focus on it, and it should happen. Now it's color will vary depending on your blade."
I started to focus on the blade, something was forming and I opened up the duster to see the chest plate. "Like that?" It was pure but dark. It was everything. "Good thing that this hides this."
"It will take form to your preferences. Eventually."
Linnzie grabbed my arm and started to drag me away. "Tobi, what is she dong?" We were then out of earshot of anyone.

Linnzie stopped me at the place. "I just want to properly thank you for what you did, I just want to know one thing. Why did you do it?"
The dark blue chestplate appears before me, shimmering. "Nice. Didn't even know this was possible."

OOC: This ought to be an interesting plot twist
I walk into the armorer, walking out with my armor.

OOC: Looks kinda like this
without blade

With helmet more like this

Yes, Zarkun; I do like looking evil :P

IC: "You say that we can form a chestplate from our weapons? I shall try." I raise my gauntlet into the air, and a swirl of chains appears around me; an intricate black chesplate now covering my torso.

"Quite interesting, Van Helsing. Thank you for sharing this with us."
I decide to head to the arena to test out my armor.
As i draw out an encounter, the moment the monster touches my new chestplate, the monster's arm suddenly begins disentigrating. Eventually, the whole monster disentegrates. "Wow."
I head back to the armory and tell everyone what happened. "Hey, apparently, my armor disentgrates monster flesh."
I whistle.

"Perhaps I should whip somthing up for myself. I'm not a big fan of armor, but hey. May as well fit in..."

I walk out, gathering up details for some armor to create using shards.
OOC: By the way, nobody can see this, or hear the conversation. Yeah that's right, you can't see or hear anything. And I am feeling slightly better Zarkun.

I sighed and I started telling Linnzie my reason. This was way out of earshot from anybody. "You see, I heard that you were exiled from your family. You were abandoned by them. When I found out I decided to bring you back with us, I didn't want you to suffer what I've suffered from a lack of family."

Linnzie then embraced me, I wasn't expecting it.. "Thank you, and there is your award for helping a damsel named me. I would really like to know you better, maybe we could do somethings together."

I was still shocked from it all. "Sure." Can't tell the others that this happened.

OOC: Back to this, remember, you didn't hear it or seen it so no ideas boyo!

IC: We walked back over to the others.
I nod to Micheal. "Each piece of your armor either carries it's own special attribute to add to what the chestplate can do, or increase it's power."
sorry CR, my Char already knows! :P He's been around long enough to recognize those sorts of things.

As Linnzie and Graal walk back into the room, I immediately notice the change in their relationship (Linnzie's attachment to Graal and him being unsure with the whole thing)
(to self) Well, now he knows, but it's none of my business... Still, should probably distract her before she does anything too obvious, as not everyone might respond well to them being together...

(walking up to Linnzie)
Yo Linnzie, I'm sorry I didn't get around to proper introductions when we were down in the sewers, I'm Seraphim.
OOC: Oh and don't worry, everything will stay PG. Just like the academy.
And all I said is that you didn't hear or see anything.

IC: I just walked over to where Tobi was and said a few things to him without anyone hearing. "Well, I found out taht she likes me. Yep, just wanted to give you a update on what's gong on. What did I do? All I did was save her and I carried her back?"

Linnzie was trying to pronounce his name. "I'm going to call you Sera, sounds better."

OOC: And I feel like I'm talking to a gangster with a jet pack and a gas mask on.
I walk to a railing and quickly jump over.

"Just go the my last ability."

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