Darkest Heart IV

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Repost it please. And try to add something to it.
I walk up to Linnzie too. "I'm Michael. You probably recognize me as the person that got bit by the werewolf."
She just looked at the chestplate. "So you are the one who has no taste in anything?"

I spoke to Tobi again. "What do I do, she seems to love me?"
At her remark, i say:"Its customized to my preferences. I dont really care much if it looks nice to others or not."
I chuckle. "Well, you let it play out. All you can do. If you like where things are going, roll with it."
"It's ugly, I found sewer rats to look better than you." And with that Linnzie came up and jumped n me. I fell to the ground.

"A little help here?"
"The Hunt: Versus animal like creatures (Werewolves, vampires etc.) Toria deals worse injuries. Her attacks with Ares leave a bleeding effect."
"Linnzie, you're going to need to be professional for a bit." I then turn to the gathered hunters. "Today, we're going to pit you against each other and see just who knows who the best. Based on that, I'll build teams that will operate together."
"Well, this will be interesting..."
Linnzie just eyed Tobi. "First of all, I seen that bed and didn't know what it was. You really think I'm going to know what being professional is?" Linnzie got up.

I then got up. "This is going to be interesting."
"You should as it means not leaping about like a new born pup." I then face the other hunters again. "The one who wins will have a good chance at working alone as there, unfortunately, aren't enough of you for large teams."
I come back in, decked in some armor I just whipped up. It looked like it was grown over me, nightmare black and slim, looking as though it wasn't armor, but actually an extension of myself. Chitinous and plate-like in places, it had dark spikes growing out of the back, giving me a bit of an evil appearance.

"Well, I hope this fits the bill. Is it good enough, Tobi? Apologies for disappearing for a while, I needed some quiet time."
Linnzie then put the bow down. "Then I wont need this." She ran to the armory and ran back with Sniper Rifle. "What, I have good vision, good hearing, good smell, so I'm guessing it wont be that hard to use this. May I use it?" She grinned.

I pulled out Hermes and my arms were glowing slightly like the light.
"It's fine, Noct. You're actually back just in time to help decide tournament order." I then glance at Linnzie and chuckle. "You're going to need something that requires less range, young one. The arena will change for each battle, but it will never give you that much range and a clear line of sight."
"Perfect. I take it we're going up against other hunters?"
I nod. "Each other in fact."
"Well, I suppose I should avoid another... Incident... like the one down in the training room. Should I keep most of that locked up?"
Linnzie frowned and put the rifle on the ground. "But all the shiny things are so clumsy to use. And all of them look scary with their hand cannons and rifles or this and that."

I looked at the arena. "So, who's fighting who? And you should slow down some Toria, we aren't even starting yet."
I chuckle. "Trust me Linnzie, you'll have an edge with that bow." Then I turn to Graal. "I need a few minutes to finish the roster."
I begin focusing my mind as preparation for this.

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