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Looks good, I only have 2 notes to make:
1 - Angel’s Breath has the adjustable flamespread. (from that of a regular flamethrower to something like a blowtorch with a 6ft) I was thinking that when the spread was on pinpoint, It would be highly effective at burning through heavy armors.

2 - Storm Caller can be used in close combat like an electrified mace. Also, I was thinking that it would have a slight electrical stun effect in general.
I don't include effects and such. And I put the flame thrower at v Light to keep it balanced.
ok, that's cool.

Also, are we (the hunters) counted as light or armored?
No problem. FYI, that charecter sheet along with application format will now be the basic format.

Fitting name for the song. >:3

IC: I looked at the roster. "Micheal, you ready?"

Linnzie put the bow down. "He really doesn't know that I love him love him. But I still love him, can you help me out here please?" She was talking to Tobi.
I give Seraphim a toothy grin.

"At the very least, this should be highly entertaining. I hope you're prepared."

I call out to Tobi. "Can you give me the extent of the arena's healing abilities? Overclocking doesn't just do physical damage..."
I think for a moment, then shake my head. "If you're looking for a love potion, my buddy Cayl Rios just told me what happened at the Academy, and I'm not to eager for a repeat here. However, if you give him time, he'll come to like you the same way." I then look at the Roster I'd posted. "Come, I need to get you ready for your fight with Adrammalech. He's a sneaky one." I look at Noct as we go by. "Any damage done in the arena will have never happened once you leave."

OOC: Please use separate threads for your tournament matches. Also, DOUBLE NINJA! To answer your question War, depends on your build. Graal would be light, but Adrammalech might be armored.
I am ready. I draw out Athos and Armads(my dual pistols) and load them with ammunition.

OOC:Alright Crymson, i made the thread for our match
Alright morrjo, I've got a half hour right now, but I've got a paper I need to finish writing for tomorrow, so if you want to start today, I've got a short opening now.
"If you say so. There's more to me than this physical body, but I trust you, Tobi."

I turn to Seraphim. "You ready? Or do you wish for more time to prepare?"

OOC: Shall I make the thread, or you? (Has never made a thread before)

Ninja: You make the thread if you have an opener.
Linnzie just frowned at him. "Thanks for the offer on the training part, but I don't think I need a potion? I like him but I have no idea why though? There is just something about him. I'm just a freak."
thread made:

Zarkun please give us the arena.
"You aren't a freak, just different. All the hunters are considered such here, so you'll fit in fine." I stop and watch Graal and Micheal fight.
"I just have another question, I know what he said already to me about why he brought me here. But why did you bring me here? Why do you think that I would belong here?"
If I RP myself in satisfactorily, can I enter as an experienced hunter?
Of course. All are welcome.
OOC: I only have one response to my stats.

A shadow moved around the area, unseen. It is in brightest light that shadows are deepest, and that was certainly the case here. Ravener was on the loose, and he was looking for prey.

It had only been a month since the Brotherhood lost track of him. He had escaped through a plothole, and been transported from his own world to the Koprulu Sector. Ravener was a clever being, though, and had learned rapidly. His black bladed sword, a weapon that had been as good as any in his own world, had its uses limited here. Thus, a canister rifle was slung across his back.

The most dominating thought Ravener had was hunger. He was always hungry. The Reforming of the Three had healed him partially, so he could control his hunger... barely. Still, he was starving, and intelligent flesh was the most satisfying. So it was that he searched for those who could teach him to find the thinking monsters of this world.

And when he had been taught, then he could begin the hunt again in earnest
Well done, just need a character sheet.
I looked else where and was told that this is not a SC2 lore story.
What is it biased around?

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