"Your Starcraft II Installation is damaged."

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I haven't played since May, but I tried to start up SC2 today to play a few matches. I had to wait while my installation was optimized, and now I can't start up, because I get this message. The options it offers me are "reopen" or "close". Reopen just tries to re-start, and the same thing pops up. Any help?

ps I'll post here if I figure it out. I really don't want to re-install.
I'd say to run the SC2 repair utility, but I can't seem to find where it is, at least on my computer, so, unfortunately I can't help.
unfortunately it seems that it was removed in a recent patch.
OK I bit the bullet and did a re-install, it fixed my problem.
There is something wrong. I tried re-installing and BOOM! it didn't work, I guess I just wasted 70 bucks for nothing.
Hi TheRandomGuy,

I would go through these steps, and we can work from there:

1) Verify that the motherboard / chipset drivers are up to date.
2) Check the RAM's integrity, either with the Windows Memory Diagnostic or another RAM test.
3) Verify the compatibility between the motherboard and RAM.
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