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"I'm lactose intolerant, but I am able to eat milk chocolate without any consequences..."
Pretty interesting shift in topic.
Quite, happens all the time just look in any of the threads. Happens mostly in the PRP bar.
09/10/2012 01:43 PMPosted by Shamrock
Pretty interesting shift in topic.

Welcome to our version of insanity. It's very pretty. And bloody. If you care about the condition of your clothes, you'll be making frequent trips to the laundromat, if you use one.

So welcome!
"....Is the bloody directed at me?" I ask as I slowly saw off Zarkun's arm while he is pinned down by a large spiked slab of steel.
*glances around the room, everyone is covered in blood, ShadowFury is hanging from the ceiling, giggling in his hallucination*


"I'm watching you...." I disperse in a shadow and next thing ThunderCrash knows his hallucination, except for the part for me hanging from the ceiling is true. Someone walks in and I appear behind them, a sword for an arm. I stab into their back. My sword arm turns into a clawed hand and it comes out with their heart. I lick it. "Too spicy. Not enough sweetness."

No, everyone was covered in blood. You were just hallucinating sawing Zarkun. You need to stop leaving your drinks unattended.
*Slowly backs out of the room and then starts running.*
You can run, but we are already in your head! You are one of us!
"Where's the chap running? Does he not realize we are in a Matrix?"
Run there is no run. Once you accept that there is no running away you will be at peace. Well sort of anyway.
"Correction my good man. Once you stop running, you drop dead."
09/10/2012 02:21 PMPosted by LeKroger
Run there is no run. Once you accept that there is no running away you will be at peace. Well sort of anyway.

*Bursts out laughing*

As if. There is no such thing as peace here. Peace got murdered a long time ago. Oddly enough though, anarchy doesn't seem to visit either.
"You're quite wrong on that regard Thunder-can. You see, during your absence in who knows where doing who knows what, the bar was totaled, hijacked and destroyed. We had General Discussion Trolls invade us but that was just a skirmish. Anarchy pokes her head around here sometimes."
I switch into a shadow form and pop up in front of Zarkun and he runs into my blade. I stare into his eyes and his organs start to rupture. Then his skin starts to slowly peel off. He couldn't move his eyes or head.
She doesn't seem to stay long though. And if you value your pain, you will not call me Thunder-can ever again.
The double fades and a blade of light appears from SF's chest. "I wield Excalibur. You cannot hope to defeat me."
My head twists in a 360 degrees angle and I cackle. A black vortex opens up behind him and we are both sucked into my shadow realm and Zarkun is in unbearable torture. "Now when you know how to die properly you are allowed to come out."

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