Joeyray's Bar
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*snaps fingers and the lights go out*

Don't you just love it when that happens? Nice lightsaber by the way. But lightsabers are dangerous.

*the blade of light vanishes*

I'll keep it somewhere safe.

*drags Zarkun out of the ShadowFury's shadow realm*

And I recommend staying out of there. He doesn't clean it very often, and it stinks something awful.
"No Thunder-can? How about we add a h and make it Thunder-chan? How does that sound? So kawaii!"
*gives smylez the 'wolf stare'*

You are the one who enjoys pain, aren't you.
"So not Thunder-chan then? Give me a sec...how about Pikachu? That better?"

"Pika pika! Pikachu!"

Yeah, you're the one who likes pain.

If you must refer to me as a Pokemon, it is not Pikachu, it is Tyranitar. And if you don't stop being bad then I won't let you play in my torture chamber.
"Excuse me? You want me to call you Pupitar? Sure Pupitar! How are you doing! As for your torture chamber, I have no need for such kiddy things when I can busy myself dissecting specimens with my own tools. Plus, your chamber loses interest when it doesn't bring any sensation to the flesh.
Excalibur begins burning with a brighter light. "Your realm is nothing compared to this power."
Which chamber are you referring to? I have two of them. One for pain, one for...........other stuff.

Flesh is just the pathway, the conduit to the true target. I only toy with the flesh to toy with the mind.

Emotions are wonderful things.
09/10/2012 02:57 PMPosted by Zarkun
Excalibur begins burning with a brighter light. "Your realm is nothing compared to this power."

"Oh dear, we have a severe case of trauma to the brain. This one's sense of reality is so distorted, it thinks it is carrying a shiny sword! Look at it go, swinging its arm at nothing! What a funny, little, angry chap!"

"You had two? I went on both then. Was very fun."
No, I don't think you went in the second one. You really wouldn't have liked it. It causes,


The opposite of pain. The extreme opposite. It makes normal people anxious and happy at the same time.
ShadowFury, you really need to clean out that realm of yours. I mean, it seriously reeks.
"Why I was in a state of ecstasy in both chambers! I am still happy in the end and that is what matters no?"
Must have been the tickle beam.
*Looks over at Thunder and smylez and then leaves.* The things that happen in this bar...

See, pain makes you happy. In order for you to feel happy, you must feel pain. I understand this.

The second chamber doesn't cause pain. It causes something like pain, and has some of the same symptoms as pain.

I know for a fact that you don't like what that chamber causes. I did something similar to you once, when I was testing the equipment before setting up the chamber. You hated how it made you feel. You never wanted to feel like that again.
09/10/2012 03:13 PMPosted by Zarkun
*Looks over at Thunder and smylez and then leaves.* The things that happen in this bar...

This wasn't at the bar.
Broad reference to JoeyRay's I assume.
"...Of course it reeks, everyone there hasn't showered since before they arrived. Most of the people have been there for 2000 years."
"Anything that is remotely associated with pain, gives me pleasure no matter where the source is. I remember when you put my half dead brain in a jar. Let me tell you that is the best thing I have ever experienced. Of course, being alive is much better and interesting so I eventually built myself another body and regrew half of my other brain when you went AWOL."

"Who knows if I used your second chamber? All I know is that I stumbled upon your restricted areas and had some fun there."

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