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So much people, so little time. Is the only thought to cross my mind as I dance around slicing and killing them all.
"You sly devil. The sad sod does not realize he's hooked up to a computer inside a 'fake world'. You are a character Pupitar."

I grab my rapid fire kitten cannon and bathe SF in a bunch of inmortal, pissed off kittens. I then proceed to turn SF into a kitten and load him into my rapid fire kitten cannon.

And shamrock dont let us scare you. We just are good at derailing threads
Cheese is so OP. When you combine it with wine and charcutary you might as well GG.
"I didn't kill a kitten, I had a skunk spray." The kittens disappear in a vortex and go into my shadow realm. Then Mecha follows and suffers torture for 22 days.
But since you were changed into a kitten you cannot open your shadow realm. I launch you off onto a far planet too a Dominion base that was annoying me knowing that even as a Kitten your still deadly.
"Nothing stops me from opening my shadow realm. And I can change my form simply by turning into a shadow, take shape, and solidify."
Sadly the transformaation is permanant so have fun killing those damned Marines!!!!!
I change into my shadow form and solidify as my true form. A pitch black beast with four blade arms. Two large blood red eyes. I tear apart Mecha and make the planet explode. I morph into a bird like form and fly to Shakuras. "F*ck you Mecha."
I resolidify as a giant Kitten and eat you and then sh!t you out into the Sacred Litter Box
Every time you touch me you evaporate in shadow and I grow in size.
You are already in the sacred literr box along with the other sh!t made by other giant kittens. You should feel honered. Discussion CLOSED
I alter the plot slightly, resulting in a large cloud of amnesia spray popping out of a plot hole.

*ShadowFury and MechaGhidrah stare blankly at each other*

Both: "What just happened?"
My name is Zanon. I am a regular at Joeyray's and the unofficial forum sheriff of Joeyray's.
My (unofficial) job is to give a brief orientation to new RPers at Joeyray's Bar. This includes relevant facts about myself and others.

The first and most important thing is: BLIZZARD'S CODE OF CONDUCT.
You can find this on the bottom of any page on the forum. In them you will find all the things that they can ban you for.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Thundercrash (He isn't here right now) knows what he is talking about, but really any of the people here can be counted on to answer a serious question.

As a courtesy to others, do not kill their characters. Also try to keep your punctuation in top form. We have a lot of perfectionists here, as this is primarily a story forum.

Have fun.

More information is available on:

----------IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT ME----------
I am an easy going person but, if you post something that contains x-rated or downright disgusting material I WILL REPORT YOU.
I have reported two people for this, and they were both PERMANENTLY banned.
----------End note----------
I hope you people didn't scare him off. He hasn't posted since page one.
Might of or maybe he decide to get off for tonight.
"If he is unable to want to stay because of the psycho he isn't the proper tolerance."
Not going to lie, if I were him, I would be running for the hills from you guys XD good thing when I came I got welcomed by CR and Zanon.
He'll be back. We're already in his head, it's only a matter of time.

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