Issue with Match History - 2012 Season 4

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I have no last season history, was playing about 3-4(sometimes more) 4v4 games a day for the past few weeks, stopped last 2 days, then for some reason I was told to play a placement match? Then dropped from platinum to bronze even after winning the placement match

this is very confusing and frustrating, I'd stopped playing 1-2 days ago to rejig my comp and when I got back it's like I haven't played a game at all in months?

For whatever reason I'd be on a winning streak, finally move up ranks and then the following season I drop? This time it went from plat to bronze and it's very frustrating.

EDIT: I'll add to this, apparently my last game before last night was APPARENTLY 40 weeks ago?

How on earth does that make sense? I have no match history for the past year. It's like I was completely reset for no reason. Ridiculous bs.

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