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I get a lot of network spikes/min a lot after the new patch couple weeks ago. I press ctrl+alt+f and see network spikes/min = 30ish. It goes from 1,2,3,4,....,30ish then repeat. However, I don't get it every game. I'd say I get the network spike 2 out of 5 games I play. Meaning, 3 out of 5 games I play are network spikes free (no lag/spike at all). So whenever, I get the network spikes, I have to rejoin a new game. The 2/5 is just a estimate, I sometime get the spike 3 games in a row and sometime get no network spikes 4 games in a row. I check and test ping -t in cmd box, and my internet is definitely not lagging.

Sometime in a game, other players say they're lagging for some reason. So, I tell them to press ctrl+alt+f and they also get the network spikes/min. but it happens less frequently for other players.. for some reason I get this thing more often than other people.
Pretty much the same thing for me.
same for me, gotta keep this thread up. It's annoying and I can't micro effectively because i'm not protoss who can A move and win.
09/12/2012 12:44 PMPosted by Kamikrazy
same for me, gotta keep this thread up. It's annoying and I can't micro effectively because i'm not protoss who can A move and win.

I gotta agree with kami on this one. It's tough for people who are having this issue. Numerous amounts of friends of mine our getting this problem recently. It's even tougher if you are a race that can't A move and win.
Same issue here. I even upgraded my computer like crazy so that I might be able to play. Nothing worked--I still get the same unplayable stalls/min and network spikes/min. It has been over a month now and I am more than tired of this. I just want to be able to play the game.
Game is freaken unplayable man... it blows
why is there no moderator here to help? obviously quite a few people is having this problem. I am getting this issue almost every few game in AoS custom game and is really annoying.

I notice when I alt tabbed for a minute or two, the network spikes can go up to 100... so basically, if you have the network spikes/min and you alt tab couple time.. it will get worse
im lucky if 2 out of my 5 matches are lag free, blizzard !@#$ing sucks with there updates, all they have to do is let us choose between the 2 updates. So for the arcade people will have the 1.5 and the ladder people have 1.0
Same issue here. Network spikes a min go slowly up to 30 then repeat. I can't play SC2 but everything thing else requiring an internet connection works just fine
Can you post some more information about your connection?

  • Wired or wireless
  • Firewall software
  • Antivirus software
  • Internet Security software
  • Network card model
  • Router model
  • Modem model

A trace route can also help track down the source of the latency.
Technical Support
'Constant change is here to stay.'
any resolution to this? I am getting the same issue 30+ spikes a min 45+ fps in game. great internet connection never had this before until i reformatted my computer.
even if your PC is perfect and your network/internet connection is great... it doesnt mean the other guys in the game do as well.
Yeah i alerted blizzard sent them all the spec everything just got the new update nope my lag spikes are still bad my frames are 150 i running every other game fine on max settings if they do have multiplayer i not getting spikes or indication that my connection is the problem blizzard what ever you did before 1.53 wow my games spikes now . you would think because so many people have the same issue they would have addressed this by now well there to busy with WOW mist of No one cares .
they dont give 2 !@#$s
They f'd up something with the latest HotS beta patch, everything was ok, but since the patch came out I've got the same problem on all servers, EU, NA, KR, HotS beta... just some screenshots:

NA server:

EU server:

Now my speedtest results to:

1. My town (Poznań, Poland, EU):

2. West Coast (Boston):

3. East Coast (LV):

Do something Blizzard!
I've been getting awful lag spikes too. Does anyone have a solution? :<
Wired internet, running Windows 7 on an i5 750 with a GTS 250 graphics card. Running almost 200 fps early game, 100 fps late game. Comcast modem with 23 ms ping and 25 Mb/down speed according to I have a DLink DIR-600 router. Network is on-board Realtek PCIe GBE.

Showing spikes like everyone else in this thread.
Patch 1.5 caused this- don't waste your time talking to support who will have to try 1,000 things that are completely unrelated to the issue. I've spoken to them over the phone and over countless tickets.

This won't be fixed until they come out with another patch, although at this point who knows when that will be.

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