PanKoprulu Academy Part 20

Joeyray's Bar
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"So far as I can tell, he just can't say no. Hopefully that includes to us." I head back out the door, downing the powerade and throwing the bottle away. "They went this way."
I quickly get up and follow Cayl. "Should we tell one of the teachers?
"Not sure how much good it'll do, but yes. Go find Jess, seeing as she's the only one who'll believe us right now."
"Right." I hurry back to find Jess and tell her what was going on.
I keep moving through the halls, listening to each door I come to for Flint's or Umbra's voice. Come on, where are you...
Zara'kal enters the simulation rooms and nods to the technician.
I need a simulation, specifically, an assault on a Terran base. I need to test something.
The technician nods, and heads over to one of the computers.
"Well Umbra. What is it you wanted. Oh and what did you mean by 'My offer still stands'?"

I lean against the wall. Waiting for her response.
As I pass by a door, I hear Flint's voice. Gotcha! I take up a position just outside it, listening to the conversation.
I begin to alter my form to keep myself entertained. I morph into various copies of students and teachers.
Hey Lekroger, XX is the roman numeral for 20. ;)
I know just decide not to use it.

I know the roman numerals up to M.
Isn't M 1,000? You should make it roman numerals again. It looked good.
Yes it is. I did it just to be different.
Umbra smiles sweetly. "My offer to join me, as you've come to understand it." She hands Flint a small pill. "I like you a little too much to see you give in.without trying. So, you can sell out another student, have them swallow this, and bring them here, or let me take you. Your choice."
Ah hell no... I kick in the door, my katanas in hand. "Lay off Umbra. No one here wants to do it."
I started to seem many memories of someone, he was male and I couldn't see much else. The memories were fuzzy and I couldn't see them clearly. "What is going on!?"

Raven started to have a weird feeling, he puked all over the table and on it came out some kind of bomb. "I need some clarification on what this is?" He touched it and it detonated, spines went through his body and hit the wall, the acid got on him clothing and ate some of it. He hit the ground with a thud and he was bleeding. "HOW DOES SOMETHING THAT SMALL PACK THAT MUCH OF A PUNCH!?"
She shakes her head. "Ah, yes. The valiant knight. Always ready to be a protector. It is his choice, now. I release the reins, and watch the horse."
I shake my head. "What did you spike that drink with?"
She stares Cayl down. "Not telling you. Because you're mean. And I also.happen to be your character foil." She stops. "Don't ask why I said that."
I give Umbra a strange look, then turn to Flint. "Don't listen to her, you aren't in your right mind right now."

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