PanKoprulu Academy Part 20

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"Well I am not going to give the pill to someone else." I return it to Umbra. I stop morphing remaining as myself.
I turn to Cayl. "I can tell that Cayl."


Is Umbra the only one that can tell Flint what to do?
Nope. Basically, he is Jim.Carrey in.Yes Man.

Umbra pouts. "Oh, well. Can't fault nobility." She leans over Flint, restraining him.

There you go Zarkun.

Also how long will it last.


I find Jess sitting at the main table. "Jess, I think Umbra is up to her tricks again. She spiked one of the cups with something and Flint drank it. Cayl says that is doing anything asked with out even a second thought. Any idea what it is she gave him?"

I try not to struggle right away.

"Umbra are you sure this is the way you want this to happen?"
"Let him go, Umbra. Do the right thing here." I hope Jessica shows up with Jess soon.
Jess makes a face. "Commitant. He will follow any order given, older orders taking priority. He will continue like this until it wears off. How much did he drink?"

Umbra shrugs. "I'm desperate. Now don't move." She leans closer.
The technician looks up at Zara'kal. "It's ready. Just need you to hook up, and it'll start."
Zara'kal nods in response, and does everything needed to get into the simulation.
"I dunno, I think that she emptied the whole canister into that cup." I point to Flint's glass.

I hold my position. This was getting rather annoying not being able to say no. I sigh and wait for it to be over.

Don't worry about me Cayl. Better me than someone else.
"Don't make me cheat."
Jess shrugs. "Well, Flint won't go through the day uncorrupted- it'll last six hours- but everyone else is safe."

Umbra sighs, raising the pressure around Cayl's body and crumpling his body inward. She bites at Flint's arm, pulling off quite a bit of flesh.
"So now we wait."
{Cayl Jess says it should last about six hours. Apparently who ever is older has priority when ordering.}

I grimace at the bite. It hurt but I knew it would heal. I glance at the wound and watch the flesh mend. I'll have to thank that changeling again the next time I see him.
A burst of air outwards counters the affects, then I blast Umbra away with a fireball. "Lay off, or I won't hesitate to use lethal force." {Well, I need help now. She tore off some flesh on Flint's arm.}
"Oh no. Jess she is consuming Flint." I hurry out of the dining room.
{Cayl where are you at.}
{Down the hall aways, you should be able to hear me firing off some fireballs.} I launch another at Umbra, forcing her back. "Do what's right, Umbra, lay off."
{On my way.} I speed down the hall and find the room. I see Flint's arm starting to mend some and Cayl launching fireballs at Umbra.
"Be carful about hitting her. She starts to cry and we all die."

"Cayl I'll be fine. Trust me."


Got to go to work be back in bout 6 hours or so.
I begin experimenting with my capsules, lining the hall leading to my current room with traps. Satisfied with what I had set up, I head to the main hall to look for Shadow.

"Shadow, you said that the more conspicuous members of our group should report to you? What is it we are required to do?"
Fine, instead of Ironwill...
Akia will gain...
Soul of the protector- Sacrifice ten energy. Link this skill to up too three units other than the caster. During the course of the ability, all damage, taken from Akia will be be distributed to the three other units, after being multiplied by negative one. Basically, healing Akia, will deal massive amounts of damage, while damaging Akia will recover the chained units.
Damage from spells, will have the manacost for the spell divided by the number of linked units and energy will be distributed among them.
I fire another fireball. "I don't believe that, Flint. It's Umbra."
She scowls. "You ever hear the phrase, 'discretion is the better part of valor'? I'm actually not the biggest threat. Once I have my one, I'm done. I sense intent among the Academy's minds- I can't tell who- to drain the power cells holding back the Beast. If that were to.happen, you'd wish you had let me do this. But fine. I'll stop. Just in case, however . . ." She leaves the pill in Flint's hand. "Give this to someone who.doesn't look like they're pulling their weight."

I click a bracelet onto Calek, and he takes on the form of a twenty year old stereotypical Latino. "This will make you harder to notice on Earth. Hit the blue button to look yourself, the green to take the hiding form again."
OOC:I was supposed to be in the kitchen as well, but lets just say I left to my chem lab.

IC:John walks out of the lab, with 4 new canisters in his bag, feeling satisfied. He walked in on the room with Raven in it.
"What the hell happened to you?"
Drac- is Soul of the protector allowed?

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