PanKoprulu Academy Part 20

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Works. Not OP. Not extremely niche.
Who are you and what have you done with Fantasy?
(Marduk) And as for me?
I click on another, giving Marduk the outward body of a tough, fourtysomething matron. "Perfect."
Seeing as I still needed my disguise, I glide over to Shadow. "What optical camouflage will I be receiving?"
OOC:Is Raven at school? And should I come to you to get a disguise?
(Marduk) <This isn't going to work.> I click back. <Not enough feet. Can't walk.>
"It takes getting used to. Unless you'd rather be an animal, unexpected to talk." I click the ring onto Ceas's beam emitter, and he gets the form of a child in a baseball cap, jeans, and school T-shirt. "What do you think?"

If your character doesn't look human, you should.
OOC:He looks human, I guess im fine then, but does anyone know where Raven is?
Dacder I was across town with family.

IC: "Everything is ok." He then grabs me and puts me back on the chair.
No problem for me.
"You sure...drink this! It will help with the pain." He says this, pulling out one of the canisters.

OOC:(Note, the stuff in the canister won't kill you, or hurt you badly....but it does have a little suprise, your choice if you want to drink it.)
Raven just looks at the canister? "Who's it for?"

I was staring blankly at the wall, I couldn't stop seeing these images.
"It's for someone who's hurt, you in this situation. You don't look good, you better drink it."
Raven shrugs and he chugs it down. "Interesting flavor?"
"Hmm... The hat looks rather unusual, and I do not especially like the clothing on the lower body, but it will do."

OOC: Yeah, I don't like jeans and never wear baseball caps. Go figure. xD
John chuckles, he knows in about 20 seconds Raven will be unconscious, and then he can put the special suprise he put in his chem lab to use.
OOC:Hope you don't mind :P
Don't worry Dacder. >:3 Me have surprise as well.

IC: Raven fell to the floor unconscious. And I grabbed him. "WHAT DID YOU DO!?"
"Whoops! Wrong chemical, let me take him to my chem lab, Ill have him back awake in time...otherwise he'll fall into a coma for a few weeks." John thought how glad he was he would finally be able to use his special room.
A rift opened and two tendrils holding my rifle aimed at the person, I had my knife out. "You are going to have to get through me first."
"Fine, if you want to have it your way...but only I know what was in that canister, and only I have the cure. But sure, sure....if you want him to slip into a coma and DIE. Stop being so paranoid and do what's best for him!"

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