PanKoprulu Academy Part 20

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Marduk <I'll figure something out. Will transform on Earth, that or just infest anyone who sees me.>

I then dropped my knife, I was seeing something and I blacked out and fell on the table. The rift dissipated and the rifle hit the floor.
I narrow my eyes. "Everybody's a critic. I spend weeks developing these forms, and they get complained about." I hold up another ring, and strap it onto Kentel, who keeps.his upper torso, but now has accompanying green slacks on his legs, and white dress shoes.
"Two for the price of one!" John said excitedly as he carried them to his lab via the secret entrance he had made with a smuggled fusion cutter. He then proceeded to put them both in a extremely cramped room with mirrors all around, which was to be used to perform experiments on the victims. They would soon wake from the small amount of knockout drugs he gave them, and wonder where they were, he thought...
"Criticism is said by some to be the foundation of improvement."

As John prepared his instruments, Raven began to convulse. A multilegged creature crawled out of his mouth, leaping at John and attaching itself to the back of his head.

The Hydralisk Aspect was slowly working it's way.
"What the?" John threw the creature to the ground, and quickly shot it with the pistol in his pocket, he then proceeded to lock them in the room so no more surprises could happen.

OOC:Whenever you want to wake up Raven, you're not supposed to be asleep long though.

The creature shot a stream of acid at the door, running straight at John. The pistol seemed to have no effect on it as it charged at him, slashing wildly at his ankles.

Raven then woke up. The Hydralisk Aspect was complete. "!@#$, that felt weird, and I look different. I guess Marduk did something useful for a change." He then saw me on the table. "What is wrong with you, are you going to be experimenting on a pregnant person!?"
My scowl.deepens. "Sure. Improvement. Not like I have successfully terraformed asteroids, created a ship that could survive a black hole, and created life, or anything."
"!@#$%^-, that Raven guy reacted....oddly to the chemicals" John said, as he got up on a table and threw a small bit of toxins at the creature, paralyzing it, but not killing it.
"Well, hi Raven, you fainted, and I brought you here to fix you up, but you seem uhhhhh, better now? If you can call THAT better."
Raven just looked at John. "Trust me the chemicals didn't do this." And with that I spat acid on the restraints melting them and I held John up by his clothing. "I can't believe you brought her here? What were you going to do experiment on someone who's pregnant?"
Not knowing what to do, John threw the remaining neuro-toxins in his hand at Raven to stop him from killing him.
"I didn't know she was pregnant! And I wasn't going to expirement, I was going to treat you both as I said." At this point the neuro-toxins began taking effect.
The multilegged creature speaks up in my voice. "I agree. Extremely distasteful. Us Zerg wouldn't even do that."

He shot a thing of acid and the neuro toxin melted. "I SHOULD KILL YOU RIGHT NOW!"
OOC:Wat, shoot powder that's already in your system?????? OK.

"No you shouldn't, I was trying to help you, your sister tried to stop me but passed out, I took her in here to make sure she was ok." said John, trying to think of a way to stop Ravens onslaught.
Raven threw John against the wall and walked over to me, he spat acid on the locks and picked me up. "And I have some Zerg cells inside of me, I'm pretty sure a powder isn't going to do anything to me!"
A small watcher drops out of the vents. "Now, now. Play, don't fight." He swiftly knocks out Raven and John, and snaps the creature in two. "Good children play." He grabs Shade, slips a chemical into her mouth, and leaps back into the vents. "Good children can get their teacher to tell someone something."
OOC: It's a neurotoxin, I would think it would be especially effective against a zerg.
"Everything can be improved on. You could have created planets, your ship could have systems that allow it to work as a self enclosed ecosystem so that it could remain in space indefinitely, and, well, anything that is alive can always be improved on in one way or another."
I look puzzled. "Creating planets. Interesting concept. I must try it."
John gets up first, sees Raven on the floor, and quickly injects him with a chemical to keep him knocked out. He then Injects the neurotoxins directly into his system to paralyze him, at least temporarily.
"That should keep you down." strapped him back onto the table.
The chemical started to wake me up and I noticed that I was on the floor and John had done something to Raven. I started to crawl away hoping he wouldn't notice.

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