PanKoprulu Academy Part 20

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Works. Not OP. Not extremely niche.
Who are you and what have you done with Fantasy?

Draconus... Have you looked carefully at the skill. I see several uses for this spell, that most of you have no idea about.
And I never said my spells had to be niche. It simply has to support the theme of the character.

Shade was assaulted by a sensation.
She was within a body, one with a grievous stab wound within the body's chest. Pain, was flooding every sense, and a feeling of lonelieness was enveloping the person's mind.
Twin pillars of rock, rose from the ground, and spikes grew from the pillars. They slammed together, and the body crunched between them. The ruined material, was swallowed by the stone floor, and flowed into a sanguine lake. Red as blood. Corpses, floated on the top of the lake like small islands in a ocean of fluids.
John thought about the situation, and decided the best thing to do would be to kill Raven.

"But...that would be unethical" John said, so instead he decided to put him back in the room he had been in before, hoping he could wriggle his way out of this one, when he came back, he saw Bianca had gotten away. "Perfect" he thought to himself as his crazy mind worked out a possible solution.
Just one thing to tell you Dacder, you kill Raven, Shade dies. Shade dies, Raven dies.

IC: I was running through the hallway, the images were coming back and I tried to push them away. I had to get away from John. "And I thought that the Zerg were crazy?"
OOC:Like I said, my guy figured out another way to do it without killing you both. He decided on the other way because it would be "unethical" to kill you. And btw, John isn't chasing you.
She can't be so sure though Dacder.

IC: I made it to my quarter and I locked the door. I then sat in the corner with my legs up against me while the memories surged through me.
Yes, I saw the "damage self to.1 HP, then have a healer during link, rinse, repeat" strategy.

Shade is kidnapped.

The watcher holds Shade, who is now only four inches tall. "Heh. You will get Shadow, and bring him to me, alone. Any funny business, and I crush you into the rug."
OOC: I know, just saying don't make it so im chasing you :P

IC: "Hmmmm, now we play the waiting game." said John, as he made some more deadly chemicals.
Three different imaginings of the situation! Oh, joy.
I looked at the man. "Wh...why?" I was looking around. "And why am I so small!?"
"Shadow cooked this up.himself a few years back. As you can see, the effects are permanent, as I'm stuck at two feet high. And why? I want my revenge. I want in.fear."
"But my me? And I really can't do anything when I'm this small?"
"Shadow is protecting you, whether you see it or not. He's defensive over you, because you caught his friend at the brink. The only reason he isn't doing more about his sister is because he knows she could mess with his memories, and have him kill Jess." He looks wistful, then snaps back to attention. "All you have to do is get his attention, and tell him to meet me alone. He won't resist."
"What do you mean protecting me? And why should I help you?"
"He's guided your body through. Had he not added a psionic body boost, you would've died when operated on. And, you've got no choice. You refuse, you're a bloodstain on the floor." He raises his shoe, to prove his point.
The Twins are talking to Shadow.
Sorry, didn't see it. Post it again?
I said one word. "Fine."

Shadow can you meet me in my quarter? It involves something.

OOC: RAGING SO HARD! I can't find an ability for Shade.
It matters not.

I find it more and more difficult to keep up with this thread.
I'm on my way. You sound stressed. Is everything alright?
Yes everything is alright, but it could be just the child.


For Shade: Twisted Dance, doesn't use energy but can only be used every five pages and it lasts for 10 posts. Improves health regen, energy regen, increased movement speed, attack speed, and increased reflexes.

I was in a food coma when I thought of this, I found it to be interesting.
/facepalm I knew that could've sounded better.

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