PanKoprulu Academy Part 20

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Cool beans, dude.

I walk into the room, looking around. I sniff. "I guess one wants their privacy, but she should let Kentel in now and again to vacuum." I spy a slice of pizza. "How long has that been there?"
I then look up to the watcher. "There, are you happy?" A tear was in my eye, I knew what I have done.
He smiles. "Very much so. I'll swipe the recipe for the antidote later." He jumps down, surprising me and locking a Reversal Ring around my neck. "Aaargh!" I collapse onto my knees. "The codes, Shadow. The codes, and you go free." I spit at the watcher. "Never. What've you done with Shade?" He smiles. "Nothing you didn't do to me. Pity, though: she is only inches tall. As is Miss Molina. A pity if I were to, say, drop them down a flight of stairs?" I get dizzy, and fall over. "Let . . . them . . . go." "Why should I? If you'll remember, I was fired from the CSAA. You don't order me around." "You get . . . nothing . . . unless they . . . go free." He cackles. "Deal." Out of a bag, he drops Jess, down to five inches, and badly bruised. I attempt to stand. "The code . . . is . . ." I pass out. The watcher looks up at Shade. "You're free to go, girly. Have fun."
I'm guessing that Shade is to her regular size now because you said the watcher looked up? So I'm guessing that she is back to normal.
She's up in the vent, right?
I don't know? So she is still tiny then.

IC: "I'm so sorry." I ran through the vent. I must find help.
Yes. She is.

The watcher drags me away.
Recap? I went to town.
09/12/2012 03:08 PMPosted by Draconus
She scowls. "You ever hear the phrase, 'discretion is the better part of valor'? I'm actually not the biggest threat. Once I have my one, I'm done. I sense intent among the Academy's minds- I can't tell who- to drain the power cells holding back the Beast. If that were to.happen, you'd wish you had let me do this. But fine. I'll stop. Just in case, however . . ." She leaves the pill in Flint's hand. "Give this to someone who.doesn't look like they're pulling their weight."

Relevant to you.

Oh yeah, and Shadow got taken out, and the person responsible also used the shrinking serum on Shade and Jess.
"Flint, don't listen to her." Then I turn to Umbra. "I don't let my friends get eaten." I walk out, almost stepping on a screaming Shade. "What the hell happened to you?"
John walked in.
"Hi Cayl, you maybe wanna do a quick sparring match?" John said, ignoring the others.
Umbra looks dumbfounded. "Have you lost it, or are you capable of conversing with bugs?"
Raven woke up. "!@#$, I feel like my head was split open by a axe? And why do I feel like I'm slightly forgetting something?" He looks around and notices I was gone. "Shade?"

I rifted and I was on Umbra's shoulder. "It's me!"
"Cayl I was truly fine with it. I've lived awhile and most of yall here are far younger than me."

I look at Umbra. "I cannot drop this pill on anyone. Doesn't matter what you tell me." The pill sinks into my skin and is encased there.
"Yah!" She jumps, knocking Shade onto her back. She grabs Shade in her left hand, raising her to her face. "Did you go tasting the serums trying to find the truth serum?"
"Not now John. I think the Commune is attacking." I look at Umbra. "You recognize the handy work?"
"Lovely." I remain standing waiting to be told what to do next.
"I didn't do it, some man did this to me. And thanks to me I got Shadow captured against his will."
She goes pale, and looks about to cry. "I can't sense Brother!" She tightens her grip on Shade, putting pressure on her. "I blame you for this! Where is he?!"
"Alright Cayl, and who is 'The Commune'?"

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