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I do not understand this debate at all. The obvious work around to being penalized for having used warp gates is to build more warp gates and always keeping warp gates available.

In fact I do this all the time. I might have 20-25 warp gates late in the game but not the resources to use them all. So I might warp in 10 units...then I have 10-15 more gates available.

By the time I have worked thru all the 25 gates the first ones would be available again.

Follow along here......

The only thing this would do is severely penalize protoss early game and force him to build EVEN more buildings then he is already forced to build.....

This is a non issue and Blizzard is rightfully ignorning it.
DO NOT touch the warp-gate mechanic blizzard please do not listen to these gateway fanboys
I think the better question is, why are we even given the option of reverting warpgates back into gateways?
You don't build faster with Warp-Gates! It is 5 sec warping + 28 sec cooldown = 33 seconds, same rate of production than a Gateway. The benefit is that you can warp in wherever there is a Pylon.
This is a common misconception, Warp gates train units quicker, but does not have a higher PRODUCTION. It's like borrowing units from the future 30~40 secs earlier.

For example I believe a zealot build time is 42 sec.
A normal gateway would take 42 sec to build it.
A warp gate would take 10 sec to warp it in and then a 32 cool down.

my first thought was

09/12/2012 11:26 PMPosted by Sidewinder
Is this some masked way to say that you're not very good at spending your money, so you want to queue units up in gateways?

and everyone else should suffer
The tradeoff is that it take more skill to warpgate becuase you have to have your screen where you want to warp in
By the time LoTV comes around, Protoss will have figured out how to apply Warp Gate technology to Robo Bays and Stargates. It's the only way they're going to beat the dark voice.
12/06/2012 10:04 AMPosted by Leongrad

That's not true, most zergs will opt to only have 3-4 queens injecting no matter how many hatches they have.

But I agree with OP. Warp gate needs to have a downside.

The downside is gate units are trash.

I would add "non-templar" in there, but yeah

Anyone who says zerg t1 isnt cost effective has clearly never played toss.
12/07/2012 12:07 PMPosted by RexUranus
I think the better question is, why are we even given the option of reverting warpgates back into gateways?

as a fake out to make them think we dont have warpgate tech yet. :)
If I was to 3gate expand with no warpgates:
(disadvantage) My units come out slower
(disadvantage) My units cant come out anywhere where there is power.

This is the single stupidest thing I have ever read. I literally could hear my brain cells committing suicide as I skimmed over your ill-thought post. If you open 3gate expand, you're playing an outdated metagame. If you don't spend 50/50 on an upgrade that has clear benefits, then you are playing incorrectly. If you are still QQing about warpgate, you need to go play a different game. Warpgate, at this point, is no different a macro mechanic than mules, reactors and techlabs, and injects.
09/12/2012 03:15 PMPosted by Zazen
Either way it's clear that the OP isn't just speaking for all protoss players. Just a weird, vocal minority. :P
Proof that people will literally complain about anything. Every upgrade in the game leaves you with no reason to use the previous version of the unit, why would warp gate be any difference. Once you have spent the time and resources to get warp gates they are just better, that is the tradeoff. When I do a super fast zealot rush I don't get warp gate, when I get a stalker out very fast for defense I don't use it. I don't want them to try to manufacture a reason to use gateways instead after I spent my time and money on the upgrade, that is just silly.
saying you should turn warp gates back in gateways is like saying you should take off your add ons on racks. You get no advantage switching back.

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