Darkest Heart Partition the 5th

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Mission Accomplished! With the conclusion of the first hunt, a tournament has been declared to help determine the teams. Who will win?

Tobi Van Helsing (250 HP)
Armament: Argost, Blade of God {Melee, 50 damage [+30 v Light, +300 v monsters, +200 v heroic]}, Chaos and Order, the Justice Bringers {20 range, 60 damagex2 [+40 v Armored, +200 v monsters, +100 v heroic]}
Abilities: Monster's bane (Passive), Sixth Sense (Passive), Slayer's blow, Master Monster Hunter (Passive)

Valencia Van Helsing (210 HP)
Armament: Ragnarok, Shield of Faith {melee, 70 damage [+30 v monsters, +200 v Herioc]}, Etro, Ender of Darkness {9 range, 48 damage [+45 v Light, +70 v monsters, +60 v heroic]}, Ignitus, God's Rage {1 range, 70 damage [+200 v monster, + 50 v armored, +400 v heroic]}
Abilities: Monster's Bane (Passive), Sixth Sense (Passive), Master Monster Hunter (Passive), Rapid Stike, Killing Blow, Wall of Flame, Heavy Blows (Passive)

Alistair (300 HP)
Armament: Heretic {20 range, 60 damage [+60 v monsters, +100 v Heroic, +50 v Armored}], Arbiter {melee, 50 damage {+70 v monsters, +150 v Heroic, + 40 v Light]}

Edward Livi, The Flame (105 HP)
Armament: Flamethrower {4 range, 12 damage[+12 v Light]}, Fire bombs {6 range, 20 damage[+30 v Armored]}, Oil tanks (about 2 feet long){6 range, 0 damage}, Inferno Shotgun {7 range, 30 damage}, Ragnos, the Purifying Flame {2 range, 15 damage[+90 v monsters]}
Abilities: Blue Flames, Thermal bomb (passive)

Markus Devroy (75 HP)
Armament: Standard Issue Ghost C-10 Canister Rifle with enhanced scope{8 range, 13 damage[+10 v Light]}, a butterfly knife {Melee, 6 damage}, Zeus, God's Lightening {melee, 25 damage [+80 v monsters]}
Abilities: Enhanced snipe, Psionic Hearing (Passive)

Entrent Oliver (65 HP)
Armament: Spiked Gloves {melee, 23 damage [+10 v light]}, Spiked Chains {5 range, 26 damage[+13 v Massive]}, Twin Pistols with Armor-Piercing Rounds {7 range, 15 damage [+45 v Armored]}, Hades, God's Death Bringer {10 range, 35 damage [+75 v monsters]}
Abilities: Vengeance (Passive), Deadly Grasp, Death's Embrace

Adrammalech VII (100 HP)
Armament: Hauteclare {Gun-9 range, 16 damage; Sword-melee, 25 damage}, Scion Seal Launcher { 8 range, 23 damage [+80 v monsters]}, Gladius {Gun- 7 range, 20 damage, Sword- melee, 30 damage}
Abilities: (Passive) Hunter of Adrammalech, Empyrean, Summon Adrammalech

Toria Vorias (150 HP)
Armament: Ares and Athena, twin daggers of God's Wrath {melee, 25 damagex2 attacks [+40 v monsters, +20 v Light]}, Heaven's Light and Shadow Hunter {15 range, 23 damagex2 attacks [+45 v monsters, + 30 v Armored]}
Abilities: Vision of the Shadows (Passive), Call of the Huntress, The Hunt (Passive)

Graal (100 HP)
Armament: Bayonet Swords {melee, 11 damage}, Hermes, Bringer of Light {12 range, 26 damage [+80 v monsters, +20 v Light]}, Keeper, Balancer's Blade {melee, 45 damage [+85 v monsters, +25 v Armored]}
Abilities: Bayonet Storm, Oath & Faith(Passive), Way of Balance(Passive)

Linnzie (155 HP)
Armament: Claws {Melee, 23damagex2 attacks [+14 vs light]}, Teeth { Melee, 40 damage [+15 vs Biological]}, Hunting Bow {12 range, 15 damage}
Abilities:Shadow Walk, Vision of the Pack (Passive), Slayer's blow, True Form (Active)

Name: Michael Rondey (110 HP)
Armament: Athos and Armads {6 range, 19 damage [+12 v Light]}, Solareon, The Purifying Light{melee, 29 damage[+70 v monsters]}, Long range sniper rifle {15 range, 20 damage [+25 v Armored]}
Abilities: Fatal Hit (Passive), Mental Strike, Enhanced Vision(Passive with active function)

Noct (180 HP)
Armament: Night's Edge {2 range, 40 damage [+35 v monsters]}, Shards {7 range, 20 damage [+28 v Armored]}
Abilities: Shards (Passive), Precognitive vision, Overclock

Seraphim (120 HP)
Armament: Avenger {melee, 33 damage [+54 v monsters]}, Angel’s Breath {6 range, 16 damage [+30 vs Light]}, Storm Caller {14 range, 25 damage [+50 v Armored]}, Medical Kit
Abilities: Psi Boost, Advanced Training(Passive), Psi Mastery LV1

Archangel Altun (165 HP)
Armament: Archangel's Blade {melee, 30 damage [+70 v monsters, +35 v light]}
Abilities: Holy Light (Passive), Smite

Ravener (155 HP)
Armament: The Blackrune sword "Lifeswallower" {melee, 28 damage [+75 v monsters, +23 v Light]}, Blackrune knife "Fleshgnawer" {melee, 15 damage}, Modified C-10 Canister Rifle {10 range, 16 damage [+36 v Armored]}
Abilities: Engulfing Hunger (Passive), Blackrune Tatoos (Passive), Consume, Blackrune Writing
Welcome to the first Placement Tournament! The winner will be awarded with a new ability (Math craft starts soon, but I need a professional opinion on your stats and such. Think PKA without unit limitations) and +10 damage and +1 range (except on melee).

Match 1
Graal vs. Michael Victory- Graal

Match 2
Noct vs. Seraphim Victory- Seraphim

Match 3
Toria vs. Entrent

Match 4
Linnzie vs. Adrammalech VII Vitory-Adrammalech

Match 5
Graal vs. Seraphim

Match 6
3 winner vs. Adrammalech VII

Match 7
5 winner vs. 6 winner

Make sure to check page 26 of Darkest Heart IV for a surprising turn of events.
Linked for your convenience.
I read it already. He's still gonna die.
In the wreckage, i find a trapdoor. Curiously, i step inside. Inside, i find a small library with ancient books laid in. I decide to put them in my satchel and head back to analyze them. However, upon putting the last book in my satchel, a spirit appears. It is the ghost of the one that first forged Solareon. Halt! What is your business with taking these tomes!/
As you enter, you can clearly smell the scent of death and decay. It was an old place, most likely haunted by the spirits of those buried there.
"I am the heir to that who is worthy of wieilding Solareon. I present it to the ghost. Very well, but you may not like what you will see in these tomes... After a while, i return to the manor. "Hey Tobi, i found some ancient tomes in a secret room at my destroyed home. I'm going to go analyze them."
I nod, finally finding the energy signature. "Be wary. Many were your family's secrets." I head out, hoping for help from the strangest of our members.
"I am prepared for them..."
OOC:Cause i wanna, ima leave u guys hanging until tomorrow

i gtg anyways.
I was resting in my room when I heard Toria's wolf scratching at the door. I open my door to have the wolf start pulling on my leg, asking me to follow.
"uh oh, this can't be good if its starting already.."
I say, following the wolf.
When I reach Toria's room, she's tossing and turning, drenched in sweat. I quickly pull a packet of incense out and waft it under her nose. Toria immediately snaps awake, gasping.
"Alright, how are you doing?" I ask her.

I think to myself; It's going to be a long night...

By the way does your wolf have a name?
"Not good." I say. I remember the nightmare. A man, a blade, a lot of pain were the most easily remembered parts of it.

"No. Not yet."
Zanon, that made me very happy. Too bad he's still eventually getting eaten or something.
When i start reading the books, i cannot seem to decipher the text. At that moment, Solareon begins glowing again. A light brushes over the book. Suddenly, the words translate. As i read through it, it tells me of my family's history, how Solareon was forged, and its special qualities. Eventually, i finish one and begin reading another. As I finish each one, more of my family's secrets are revealed to me. Eventually, i begin shuddering at the horrible things that have happened as i read further.

OOC:Anyone wanna check up on me due to the fact that i've been in my room for a long time?
OOC:Still waiting....
I'm not there, but if you like, I can have Alistair do it.
OOC: ur choice.

IC: I discover in one of the books that the fire that Solareon was forged with was no ordinary angelic fire. It was the fire from an archangel. No one knows which one though.
Alistair had grown concerned for Micheal, and decided to check on him. Poking his head in the room, he sees Micheal shuddering. "Are you alright Micheal?"
I notice Alistair in the doorway, looking at me. "Yea, im alright. Just looking through some ancient tomes from my family." I go back to reading one of the tomes. I learn that due to the fact that no one was worthy to wield Solareon at the time of forging, its sentience was sealed away, until unlocked by angelic energy and the one that was worthy of wielding it was present. Another reason was that Solareon's sentience was a very powerful one. It also contained many unknown powers. Eventually, i finish reading all the tomes. After learning my family's history and secrets, it is very hard to absorb at once. I walk out, and decide to see how Toria is faring. With the absorption of all this information, Solareon begins glowing even brighter.
Taking a deep breath, I think for a moment.
"Well, is there anything you need right now?"
I walk into Toria's room. Instantly, Solareon begins glowing very bright. "Hey Seraphim, need any help?"

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