Darkest Heart Partition the 5th

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With an inward sigh of relief, I dust some debris off my jacket from where I hit the wall.
"I'm Seraphim, and YOU hit hard, to say the least."
I say, with a chuckle.
Alistair nods. "Of course. You may not be Nosferatu, but you suffer our need of blood, and the Werewolves need for meat. Life will not be easy for you." Valencia blushes, but laughs a little as well.

"Father always taught me that I was strong for my size, and he took advantage of that in my training. I really didn't mean to hurt everyone. Who was the Vorias I shot?"
"That would have been Toria Vorias, a young hothead with a lot of promise.. She's also been recently bitten by a werepyre.."
I head down to the armory, my energy fully restored, to find Valencia holding a large battle axe. "That...is one big axe...."
Valencia chuckles. " That it is. I take it you're the one who fired that beam of energy at me? And I really had beat her mother to a pulp when we were younger. She liked to think she could bully me despite the beatings. May I ask your name?" She was walking to leave as she spoke and I chuckled. Valencia really was a happy person, Ignitus and her just shouldn't have separated.
"My name is Michael. And that was a test to make sure you were aware of your surroundings while focused on combat. And that beam of energy is small compared to what happens if i channel a lot of energy..."
Valencia simply grins. "Solareon is nothing compared to Ignitus and Argost, but it is powerful in it's own right. What has so many hunters in our home?"
"For the exact details, I believe that you should be asking your brother.."
I face Valencia, sighing in defeat. "With all the training father gave me, I'm still one man, so I brought together the children of some of father's friends, or some of his younger friends." Valencia looks at me, then nods.

"You realize the hunt will soon require that they leave Darkova as well?" I nod, though I hadn't wanted them to know yet.

"I know."

OOC: Feel free to comment on leaving the planet.
"... Alright, a little openness would be nice, so just what exactly is going on here?..."
I sigh, looking at Seraphim. "The creatures of the night don't reside here on Darkova alone. It certainly has the strongest numbers, as most make this place their home, but it isn't the only place you'll find them. All other planets, even Char, are infested to some degree." Valencia nods, resting a hand on Ragnarok.

"I was dealing with Succubi on Korhal for a long time before coming back."
"That I already knew, but I still feel like I'm missing a key piece of the puzzle..."
"There's something that's coming.. but I still can't figure out what..."
Valencia looked at Seraphim, glancing into his thoughts with her small telepathic ability. "I know what you mean. I feel like a Greater True Demon may be trying to enter this Sector."
If you don't mind I've got an "interesting" plot point, IF you're ok with it...

"Thanks, thats what has been bugging me lately..."
Ah hell, shoot. But no more infected for now. Micheal was supposed to be the only one and SF got over eager.

IC: Valencia nodded. "I've been feeling it for a couple years now. Even Tobi has been uneasy about it." I nod.

"It's one of the reasons I called you all here. But until I know which Demon, we focus on the fixable."
"Ah... Tobi? I have told you that Avenger is a reforged demon blade right?..."
My voice suddenly worried.
I nod. "I've known that about Avenger for some time, though it made even your family nervous. What's your point?" Valencia perked up at the mention of a reforged Demon blade. She'd always focused strongly on slaying Demons.
"Yes... but Avenger is not just any old reforged demon blade...
Avenger was once.. I will not say its true name in demonic, for the repercussions of that are too unpleasant to contemplate. However, it was known by the hunters of old as Deamos, the harbinger chaos, death and destruction..."
I say, my voice a near whisper...
With that, the light seems to drain from the room, and everyone can feel the energy pulsating from within Avenger, even through its protective sheath.
I nod slowly. "It was stripped from a slain Greater True Demon. I know it's history. In fact, locked in the furthest corner of this armory is Sorrow. I'm sure you know it's history. What's wrong?"
"Tobi, Deamos' owner was never truly killed, only bound and blasted across time and space... Now I think he's reforming.. and he wants his blade back...."

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