Darkest Heart Partition the 5th

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"None at the moment." I say to Seraphim.
"Well, i have nothing to do so i might as well keep an eye on you."
Alistair walks in, checking the progress of the venom. "It's almost to her heart. Once it reaches there, she'll only have a few more hours to suffer then the transformation will be complete." I pass another werewolf from the local pack, nodding at it. It simply glances at me and vanishes into the woods. Rude much?
"Ok, thats good, there's something I'd like to check on."
I turn to Toria's wolf.
"You know the drill"
Exiting Toria's room, I pull a small well worn leather bound notebook out of my 'med kit'. With my thought's only on werepyres and the process of their change, the notebook snaps open on its own accord. Pages leafing past by themselves, a great deal more then what should fit in the book. Finally it stops on a page with a couple rough sketches of werepyres and a few notes scrawled in an archaic handwriting. With a quick glance, I realize the info I need is not here, and with that, the book snaps shut. Putting the notebook away I go talk to Alistair.
"Alistair, how much do you know about werepyres? My own sources of info. aren't being helpful."
Alistair glances at Seraphim before returning to his watch. "Werepyres are a hybrid of Werewolf and Vampire. The two races despise werepyres even more then they do each other. But before I say more, what exactly do you need to know?"

OOC: @toria if you fall into too deep a sleep, i have a plot twist planned XD
Linnzie starts to nuzzle me. "Are you feeling any better?" She was pressing harder.

I was wincing a bit. "Don't do it that hard, the bones are still....hurting."
"Well, my family's notebook is surprising uninformed about them, despite how long it's been around. I was wondering if the 'dreams' were a necessary part of the transition."
Alistair nods. "The dreams are...a way of showing you how you are perceiving the change. Most have nightmares because the change scares them, though there have been those to have good dreams or no dreams at all. The last two are rare however as most bite victims are rarely willing or indifferent."
"Tell me about it." I roll my eyes.
Pulling the notebook back out, it snaps back open to the page on werepyres. with a pen I jot down a few notes and close it back up.
"Alright, going to go check Graal and see how he's patching up."
With a nod to Toria's wolf, I leave the room and head over to Graal's.
Linnzie then wrapped her arm around my waist. "Don't be shy." She continued to nuzzle me.

I was then thinking to myself. I wonder what she is trying to accomplish? I then realized that the door was locked, she didn't want us to be disturbed.


IC: I decide to check up on Graal, since Toria seemed ok for the time being.
@oBs: really?

When I get to Graal's room I realize I haven't seen Linzzie anywhere.
Oh hell, I hope I'm not going to disturb anything... I think to myself.
And with that, I rap twice on Graal's door.
I heard the tap. "Linnzie can you please check that out? I can't move."

Linnzie gave a pout look and got off the bed, she walked over to the door and unlocked and she peered out. "Oh, it's you."
OOC: fine....
A small explosion is heard emmanating from the Armory.

Goddammit, didn't wait long enough for the matter-crystal matrix to stabilize... I hope nobody sees me like this, sprawled up on the floor...
I hear the explosion and rush down there. I see Noct on the floor. "What happened this time..."
"Gah, didn't wait long enough for the matrix for the Hyphen to stabilize. It exploded in my face... Note to self, wait longer before fusing Shards."

I pick myself up off the floor. "So, did you hear the news about Toria? How is she doing right now?"
"Yep. Shes ok for the time being. Also, ive discovered a lot of secrets about my family and Solareon. They're quite disturbing at the end."

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