Darkest Heart Partition the 5th

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I think for a moment. "That would make sense, as reports throughout history mention his brief appearances. If that is in deed the case, we're ready for him. I fear the worst of them is the one we should fear." Valencia had wandered back to Sorrow's case, looking the deep blue blade over.
Taking a deep breath, I nod.
"I sure hope you're right..."

I've got a way cool idea for something to put Seraphim through in relation to this plot point, however it would be a good ways down the road. But that's something that can be bridged when we get to it...
Nah, your note is fine. And it seems like all things line up well with what I already have planned, so you're golden.

IC: I nod. "I know I am. At least for now." Valencia sighs, then walks away from the case. Sorrow was a part of the family history that was best left alone for now. She turns her attention to Seraphim.

"So has brother given you a mission yet?"
Woot, yes. :D
I'm probably done for the night... maybe... I never know.

"No, not yet, we're still testing our blades against one another. Why?"
She checks to see what I'm doing, and seeing me taking Sorrow and and checking the wards, she whispers, "I have one that will help all of you learn how to sense when a monster is near, what Tobi and I call our 'Sixth Sense.'"
"Sounds useful. But why are you being so secretive?"
I say in equally hushed tones.
"I don't want Tobi to know. He may have something else for you to learn."
"Sure, I'm up for learning something new."

Though I wonder if that's the only reason...

good night, it's 11:00 where I am...
I finish checking the binding wards and place Sorrow back, locking up the case good and Valencia leans back, as though nothing had happened. "Well, after a day like this, how about we head to get something to eat?" I really was quite hungry.
With a pained groan, I finally sit up, and begin taking note of my injuries. Nothing major aside from my right arm, which I can easily heal, and a few nasty scratches across the rest of my body. I notice, however, that my arm must have bled a fair bit while I was passed out. Most of my back, as well most of my pants appeared to be soaked in a variety of liquids, a fair bit of which was blood.

Well, I was hoping to immediately head to the chemistry lab, but it appears I will have to take such a path cautiously. My mind flickers through a few of my non-human compatriots, and unfortunately imagine a few unwanted scenarios.

God help me if I come across Toria in this state...

Then, I notice something rather important. Unwanted by me, prescience was active. The lack of me drinking any Aureilla any time soon seems to have been taking its toll, and now my mind is drifting away from my body, back into the streams of time and reality again. Crap. Best to get a move on.

With a gentle motion as to not produce any sound, I open the door, look around, before sneaking towards the stairs, only to find the main hall occupied by the usual gang of people, most of whom I know, but a woman I did not. I decide to listen in, in case it may be important.

Perhaps that's Tobi's sister he was talking about earlier...
Linnzie was behind Tobi...hiding behind him in fear of who this person was.

I had walked with the group the entire time. "Since everyone is slightly nicer to each other now...how about we try to get to now Tobi's sister while she gets to know us?"
"I'm all up for that. Speaking of food, i wonder where Ravener is?"
"Why not?"
"Well, i could use a ham and cheese sandwich along with some high energy foods." I walk down to the kitchen to grab what i need.
"I'm in."

OOC:Slow day...

IC: I decide to go look for Noct to ask for my tomes back so i can read the ones i haven't yet.
Oh crap, Michael's coming!

I run back to the nearest room that happened to be near me at the time, and silently slip in. If he saw me like this, I highly doubt he'd even be able to recognize me...

I press my back against the door, so if he did try to enter, he'd have to shove me out of the way first, I think, ignoring shadows of the future haunting my vision.
"Food... Yes, that sounds like an excellent plan."
(I start heading for the kitchen)

"Graal? how is your recovery coming? I believe a 'duel' between the two of us is in order.."
When i try to open the door to a room i saw closing, it doesnt open. "Hmmm...Hey Noct, you in there? Just wondering if i could have my tomes back."
"I'm doing fine...and why a duel? Maybe we should let Linnzie have a chance wouldn't you agree?"

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