Darkest Heart Partition the 5th

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Crap, crap, crap! Maybe I could bean him unconsciou- No. Shut up.

With a quick motion, I hide under the bed. Maybe he'd mistake me for some sort of monster.
The door opens and i take a look inside. I enhance my vision and see very faint footsteps leading to the bed. "Ok....thats odd. Still no idea if hes here or not."
I start panicking. This is not good. I can't let him know what happens when I'm off Aurellia...

With a sadistic smile, I start gathering up black power around me, wrapping my already bent and scarred frame in it, making me look somewhat like a wraith.

If he looks under here, I'll scare the crap out of him, make a scene, and escape... Not that he has any reason to, right?
"Sorry for not being straightforward, I'm talking about the tourney."
"I guess hes under the bed..." I look down to see a horrifying creature. "What the hell are you? Time to get rid of whatever you are..." I pull out Solareon, charge it with energy and point it at whatever it is, preparing to fire a beam of light energy. "No idea how you got in here, but its gonna be your last time!"
Letting out an ear-splitting screech that was probably plainly audible from the room everyone was gathered in, I bolt out from the bed, tripping Michael as I go, dashing out the door, and slamming it behind me. Dissolving my little disguise, dash deeper into the mansion, hoping to find a back route into the dungeons. I remember that there was more than one way to get to the chemistry lab...

Why... am I doing this anyway...?

...Shut up.

I can't help but note that there were quite a few realties where Michael blasted me, but hurrah!
"I can't at the moment Seraphim, I'm tired and I need a break..."
"Ow...that hurt a bit...I wonder what happened to Noct? Then again, he was low on the drink he puts in his flask...Perhaps..." I shudder at the thought of it. "Then again, that's likely possible. Ill go see if he's probably brewing up some more..." I enhance my vision again, tracking the light footprints left by whatever escaped the room
"No problem, let me know when you're ready."
I follow the footprints and find the door to the chemistry lab. "I wonder if Noct is in there right now?"
With a happy sigh, I put a few of the threads from the plants in each of the test tubes I had set up on a small bench. Dripping a small amount of blood from many of the cuts I had into each, I watched as the fibers twitched and expanded, before I dropped a small chemical cocktail into each, and watched as each fizzed.

I hear Michael talking to himself like a nut outside of the chemistry lab. I put on another manic smile. I never get to play mad scientist anymore...
"Well, only one way to find out." I open the door.
...Only to take a test-tube filled with half-processed Aurellia to the face, which splashed everywhere over Michael.

"Sorry about that, I never got to test it on subjects other than myself!" I state, promptly breaking into a fit of giggles.

I turn back to my little project, dumping in a small amount of substrate into each, to act as a catalyst to produce a precipitate from the unwanted ingredients.
As I get a bite to eat, I pull out my notebook and start sketching while making the occasional side note. (for those looking over my shoulder, they see the rough shape of an old-fashioned revolver and some notes on arcana and modern tech)
I sit down. "So what the hell is going on for this planet to have so many more monsters than any other?"
"Something bad better not happen....and i assume that thing i found in that room under the bed was you."
Another chuckle. "Nothing bad, per say. Aurellia is only a trigger chemical. Most of the processes are that of the Body's reaction to it. Its nothing more than a calming chemical combined with a heavy-duty hallucinogen, and some relaxants as well as a mental cognitive enhancer. and that's only when its processed. For the most part, you shouldn't notice anything overt, unless you're under extreme stress..." I state, following it with a small chuckle.

I pop a small stopper on the tops of the remaining test tubes, and begin to shake them vigorously, before sending the liquids through a small paper filter, and into my flask.


And with a quick swig, down it. Shortly later, these annoying apparitions of the future, and this scarring headache should begin to die down...
".......you better be right. Or you're in for some trouble..."
I chuckle again, but it seemed to have lost most of its enthusiasm.

"You have nothing to fear. Now go on. What business do you seek with me?"
"Just wondering if i could have my tomes back. I think that there were some i havent read yet."

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